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  1. Patti

    Nord Stream 2 pipeline pressure collapses mysteriously overnight

    Looks like somebody has hit the Nordstream 1 and 2 gas pipelines in the Baltic
  2. Patti

    My Hair Is Falling Out..

    I highly recommend taking a supplement called Biotin. It takes a few weeks to build up in your system - but it will stop hair loss.
  3. Patti

    Any "preppers" out there?

    Lots of good info in this thread! I’ve been prepping for many years, so I’m a little bit ahead of the crowd. My advice is to have some long term food storage. Don’t go into debt… just a little here and a little there. Most companies have plenty of stock since the 2020 pandemic fear has...
  4. Patti

    What Did You Do Today?

    I haven’t posted on here much - but a friend just asked me if I was familiar with Rapture Ready! We are so close - and I long to see the King!
  5. Patti

    Report: Israel strikes Syria in rare daytime attack; Syria fires at Golan

    I wonder if any Russian retaliation will occur.
  6. Patti

    How close are we to the Rapture?

    So many things have happened in my life lately, that I find myself thinking more and more about heaven. My 28 year old son died recently. And 3 months after he died, my 34 year old daughter was born again! I’ve god heaven on my mind!! After praying and fasting recently, the Holy Spirit...
  7. Patti

    City of David

    So much history under the rocks and dust. It would be awesome to tour that city away from tourists and the noise to discover it alone.
  8. Patti

    The Gay Divide. Is Your Church Next?

    I remember seeing the pastor from the Westboro Baptist Church on college campuses with his anti-homosexual posters that said “God hates ______”. The young students translated this to mean that Christians are full of hate and they identified with homosexuals as a civil rights movement. And...
  9. Patti

    Greetings Everyone

    Hello. I stumbled on this forum. I look forward to reading and exploring the various threads. Hopefully I will have worthwhile comments to add to discussions. I’ve been a Christian for 4 decades and I am as in love with Jesus today as I was when I first believed. I have heaven on my...