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  1. vmoon

    Lodi Man Gets Second Chance At Life When Brain Tumor Vanishes Without Surgery

    What good news! Happy, happy news. Praise God!
  2. vmoon

    Any "preppers" out there?

    just remember to rotate your stock. Save what you eat and eat what you save. If you don't you'll end up with less nutritious foods. love it and if I had more time i'd do it all the time. I'm not saving for the trib I'm saving for hard times that hit all of us from time to time. Example.. One...
  3. vmoon

    A question...

    Yes, you both are right.
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    ‘Churches’ Celebrate Halloween With Zombies, Dancing Skeletons, ‘Haunted Hayrides’ ‘Spooktaculars

    The church where I attended (no longer) celebrates Halloween to this day. One year the preacher came dressed as the devil.
  5. vmoon

    Second Daughter Gets Saved.

    Praise God!
  6. vmoon

    A question...

    If I decided to buy myself a tiny house and move off by myself and become a recluse would God consider that not running the good race?
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    Any "preppers" out there?

    When it cools off a bit more I'm going to pressure can again. I used to do it all the time but for some reason I just stopped. So going to make more spaghetti sauce and chili. Remember all you canners out there. When canning meat it needs to be 10lbs of pressure for 90 minutes. Check with your...
  8. vmoon

    Ten Shekels and a Shirt by Paris Reidhead

    Listened to it last night. As W&W wrote it IS challenging and for me convicting too. I don't know why my Savior puts up with me. There is nothing good about me.
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    Were do I find a list of approved speakers or pastors?

    Thank you and I will tell her. She is having some computer problems again. We are working on it.
  10. vmoon

    Were do I find a list of approved speakers or pastors?

    Mama told me to look here but I can't find it. Thanks for your help
  11. vmoon

    Newbie in Stand-by mode!

    So glad you're here
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    A Chilling Tale

    I've never been to Alaska but a client used to live there. I don't know where exactly. She said it was so cold that a friend brought her a big salmon and just left it on the hood of her car. hehehehe no need to bring it inside I guess.
  13. vmoon

    Sleep Paralysis

    The scientific community says that it is when the brain wakes up before the body does. I do not agree. Yes, I have experienced sleep paralysis. It used to happen to me regularly. My children have experienced it as well. We all felt an evil presence during our experiences. I now sleep listening...
  14. vmoon

    Now It’s Official: Europeans Can’t Criticize Islam

    I have a sister who lives in the UK. My youngest visited her during the summer last year. Son stated an opinion about how the local Islamic men treated there wives in public. He noticed a husband who made his wife walk behind him and he didn't like it.He also commented on how many there were in...
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    Sara Ann

    Sara Ann wanted me to let all of you know that her computer is broken. Also she is having some health problems and needs your prayers. We will get her another computer as soon as she feels up to it.
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    Happy Birthday mattfivefour(Adrian)

  17. vmoon

    Happy Birthday Chris!

    Happy Birthday!
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    Today my son and I were talking and he said the he asked his phone this question.. Suri, what is my favorite color and she answered.. Matt, I cannot read your mind... yet. Yikes!!! I still have my old flip phone. Think I'll keep it as long as I can.
  19. vmoon

    TO: Chris....from sara ann

    Sara Ann is my mama. I think it's perfect.