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  1. GA Watchman

    US House committee releases Trump tax returns he sought to keep secret

    That holds true for the Jan 6 fiasco! Come against them & be punshised for doing nothing. How many people will not attend a protest for fear of Gustopo reprisals.
  2. GA Watchman

    How Christians Became a Minority in the UK and How It’ll Happen Here

    If God tarries much longer will anyone of faith still be here ?
  3. GA Watchman

    GOP Loses Again, So Trump Demands New Arizona Election 'Immediately'

    Poor old Soros won't be able to pay off God when his name isn't in "The Book" I wonder what God will say to him as a Jew who destroyed so many people.
  4. GA Watchman

    Democrats clinch control of US Senate with win in Nevada

    Are they a little premature.....Still waiting on runoff for Hershall & "Warlock"
  5. GA Watchman

    The end of Christianity in a small Scottish town

    The Southern Methodist here in Georgia are not liberal in their beliefs They broke away from the mother ship & are just like us Baptists.
  6. GA Watchman

    Parkland school shooter sentenced to life in prison

    I think it was (one) juror who would not go along for the death penalty
  7. GA Watchman

    Two Small Children Killed in Pit Bull Mauling, Mother Severely Injured Trying to Save Them

    I know many will disagree but I would'nt be sad if the pit breed was abolished.
  8. GA Watchman

    Security Forces Clash with Protestors, Over 75 Killed as Anti-Hijab Protests Intensify in Iran

    Ol' Jimmy will alot to answer for soon. We have christian friends that would go sit in his sunday school class in Plains. I would let them know who they were listening to.:devilish
  9. GA Watchman

    Someone tried to blow up the Georgia Guidestones last night

    I haven't met a Georgian yet that even knew it existed much less what was inscribed on it.
  10. GA Watchman

    Daystar Founder Marcus Lamb dies from Covid

    Something wrong with being against a shot that doesn't prevent your getting, passing or dying from this flu? Why people call it a vaccine is beyond me....I have Ivermectine, hydroxychloroquine and all the vitamins needed to stop covid. The ones dying are the vaxxed either from the clot shot or...
  11. GA Watchman

    God Bless Our Law Enforcement Officers

    What's happening all around the world and especially Australia has me concerned whether the police who we have supported through all this anti police agenda will in fact support us as Christians, Americans, peaceful protesters, anti mandate supporters? I believe that the powers in charge will...
  12. GA Watchman

    Soros buying up CRYPTO

    Scarey stuff! That shout "Come up here" can't be far off!
  13. GA Watchman

    Free the Hero Locked Up for Telling the Truth About Afghanistan

    I read where he said he would rather sit in jail than accept money / help from Trump.