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  1. Bohdan

    SCOTUS can't find leaker of abortion opinion

    Not that it matters at this point, but my guess is it was a Supreme Court Justice who did the leak.
  2. Bohdan

    Will the rapture solve some social problems?

    It's absurd. I'm not sure what the period following the rapture will be like, but for sure not like those movies. You know the ones. What are "social problems" to people who are already damned?
  3. Bohdan

    What About those Who’ve Never Heard the Gospel?

    Christ doesn't give all the details. So the question is whether you believe He is just. Also don't underestimate Christ's ability to get the gospel heard.
  4. Bohdan

    Trump embraces gay community last weekend.

    That was always his position, and no secret about it.
  5. Bohdan

    About four-in-ten U.S. adults believe humanity is ‘living in the end times’

    About four-in-ten U.S. adults believe humanity is ‘living in the end times’ Click link for more. Interesting how widespread the belief is. Apparently we're reaching a...
  6. Bohdan

    Will Iran really 'wipe Israel off the map'm

    We know that Jews gathering in Israel is a sign and Christ will return and rule from Jerusalem. But there is room for differing interpretations when it come to the role of the secular State of Israel. Not definitely saying that's definitely how it will play out, but if the land is literally...
  7. Bohdan

    Biden’s Nuclear Drag Queen Stole Women’s Clothing

    How about mentally disturbed AND following after the wrong spirit. Or perhaps because of.
  8. Bohdan

    This Thanksgiving, ‘The Nation’ Was Grateful for Abortions

    Setting aside a day for thanking Christ is a nice gesture and a good thing, but America's Thanksgiving was always infected with secular concerns. But never quite this evil before. Come quickly Lord Jesus.
  9. Bohdan

    New Age Cover Up

    Didn't know that. It seems odd they would come up with such a thing, but of course the Devil himself knows what's coming. So this bit isn't just more of their usual craziness, but evidence of Satan taking a direct interest.
  10. Bohdan

    Biden’s Nuclear Drag Queen Stole Women’s Clothing

    Someone on a Democrat forum I peruse said that if this individual is convicted and has to resign, the replacement must be another "gender non-conformist" to maintain diversity.
  11. Bohdan

    Daylight Savings Time Is Racist

    DST has been around since the 1930s. If it really were racist against black people, you'd think they'd have noticed long before now.
  12. Bohdan

    The White House Press Secretary can’t pronounce “Nobel Prize”

    The job of White House press secretary is basically to be a flak catcher. Before 1929, the USA got along just fine without a White House press secretary.
  13. Bohdan

    Americans don't support the reality of gay marriage. Here’s proof

    Americans don't support the reality of gay marriage. Here’s proof
  14. Bohdan

    About The Cross

    Absolutely! The Star of David as a symbol of Judaism is a bit of Old Testament era heraldry repurposed by Jews in the 19th century. Before that the Jewish community felt no need for a "symbol of Judaism", but the figure was always perfectly legit as a heraldic device for the House of David...
  15. Bohdan

    Candace Cameron Bure Wants to Put Christianity Back in Christmas Movies

    One thing to keep in mind in this controversy. Unless you have your heart set on watching a new movie in a crowded theater, all the old ones you loved are still available and cheap or free. They are not just competing with other movies coming out the same time, they are competing with almost...
  16. Bohdan

    Twitter will not reinstate banned users without 'clear process,' Musk says

    Just a reminder: Don't overestimate the importance of Twitter just because Democrats (and Elon Musk himself) do.
  17. Bohdan

    European Union adopts ban on gas-powered cars beginning in 2035

    My hope too. But even if He tarries, it seems to me the EU is committing suicide, no obvious Divine intervention necessary. At one time I thought for sure the EU was going to be instrumental in the reign of the Antichrist. It still might be at that, but now I'm not so sure. Best just to allow...
  18. Bohdan

    European Union adopts ban on gas-powered cars beginning in 2035

    Will the European Union still be around to enforce it in 2035?
  19. Bohdan

    Is God's justice really perfect?

    God alone knows the end from the beginning. Faith in God means trust, not just belief in His existence.
  20. Bohdan

    Netanyahu: I will not abandon Religious Zionism for an article in Haaretz

    Interesting. "Religious Zionists" are behaving in accordance with New Testament prophesy, though I'm sure they don't think of it that way/