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    No One Knows The Day or The Hour

    Perhaps the reason we don't have more detailed Scripture of the rapture is because of our ability to become so heavenly minded, that we become no earthly good. I know that Mark 5:18-20 are not verses in reference to the rapture, but I sometimes think that just like the demon possessed man who...
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    Possible timing of the OWG

    I just gave a message and a good part of it talked about spiritual blindness. I'm amazed at how blind people are to the times and Bible prophecy. I find myself often talking to others about how things like digital money would set up the ac to control what people buy and sell. It opens up a brief...
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    Possible timing of the OWG

    The first things that came to my mind - other than the rapture, are coming problems like global food shortages, collapsed dollar and energy / heating homes problems. Global food shortages, causing massive starvation, could cause blocks of nations to pull together. You think about the big push...
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    And They Cursed God

    Thanks for taking time to post these verses. As I read them, my mind went to Joshua 5:13-15 where Joshua had an encounter with the Commander of the army of the Lord. What an awesome thought - picture - to see Christ standing with His sword drawn, calling Himself the Commander of the Lord's army...
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    Diesel Shortages are gonna be increasing talking point

    You would think that this would be a top priority of all, including the press - How do we figure out diesel shortages. But then I remember how the enemy works - create the crisis to bring them into submission. Exciting times we live in, when you think about it biblically.
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    And They Cursed God

    I sometimes get caught up in the wickedness of those around me and of those pushing their wicked agendas around this world, that I forget how powerful the gospel of Christ is and how it can change lives. No doubt that Jesus will save every man who turns to Him. I just get weary and discouraged...
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    And They Cursed God

    Once a man is given over to a debased mind by God (Romans 1:28), to do those things which are not fitting, is there eternal hope left for them? I have found that talking to people who seem to have this state of mind is like casting pearls before the swine. I like to think there is still hope...
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    U.S. Marine Corps Goes Woke, Celebrates ‘Pride Month’ with Rainbow Bullets

    I was talking to a woman at work today about how so many today are after our young kids with this woke agenda. She asked me why we could not just rise up and stop this nonsense. I responded with how the military was going woke and would more than be willing to defend the woke agenda. Articles...
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    Hillary escapes again

    I've often thought about the weeping and gnashing. Weeping - Those who thought they were good enough to get into heaven... Gnashing - Those who gnashed their teeth and shook their fist at God while on earth, and still gnashing and hating God in the Lake of Fire. Gnashing her teeth - I believe...
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    Our Economic Misery Isn’t an Accident, It’s the Plan

    This article made me think of the piece Pete wrote, "Running Out of Normal". How much more will the intentional deterioration continue to accelerate before God takes the Restrainer out of the way and let's evil run wild? I pray we're close.
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    College...was it worth it?

    As one who hires, trains and fires construction project managers, I would say that most have wasted their time and money on a four year degree. It's rough when you have to start with basic training of coming to work Monday with a fully charged phone and not leaving your tablet at home. Also...
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    Don't procrastinate: share the gospel now

    Our church has a men's breakfast once a month and May was my privilege to give the message. My message was titled, "Consider your ways", and was mostly centered on the book of Haggai. I opened with a quote from Warren Wiersbe from his commentary of 2 Corinthians 5:9-21. "Ministry is not easy...
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    WHO to take over sovereignty of 194 countries for health decisions

    I suppose I should read the whole article, or do my own research, but does anyone know what happens if conservatives take back control and decide to tell WHO to take a hike? Exactly how much power does WHO have in executing their policies once they have been given control. Or even states like...
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    Supermarkets Allowed to Begin Rationing, Says Spain's Socialist Government

    My wife does most of the grocery store shopping for the two of us, so it's few and far between that I actually get into a store. I have to say though, that every time I do go, I see more and more employees filling carts for those who ordered their goods online. Knowing where things will...
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    As It Was In The Days Of Noah

    I have often thought, that the farther we humans get from God's perfect creation, and having been exposed to sin for thousands of years, the less intelligent and corrupt we become.
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    Homosexuality and the days of Noah

    As I look back at it now, there is good reason the Lord laid that message on my heart and helped me to remember it. It took me a long time to turn, and I'm so thankful that the Lord continued to call me. I'm thankful that there were Christians in my life that stood out differently than the world...
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    Homosexuality and the days of Noah

    I can remember back in the early 80's, when as a teenager my mom was dragging me to a Baptist church every Sunday, the pastor preached a sermon condemning rock music, specifically the song by J Geils Band, Love Stinks. I can distinctly recall, thinking to myself, this guy is a fool who has no...
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    Home prices unexpectedly rise 19.2% in January: Case-Shiller

    The cost to build the exact same 2100 basic sf home, from November 2021 to today has gone up almost $40,000.00. Still can't build them fast enough to keep up with the demand.
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    Homosexuality and the days of Noah

    I had a conversation with a 26 year old co-worker that had just moved in with his girlfriend. Not discussing sin at (in any form), the conversation turned to a spiritual one, and I asked him about his beliefs. He told me he believes he is going to heaven because he went through the rituals of...
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    Arabic Bible Question

    I thought about giving him my copy of Matthew through Romans, but never thought about checking to see if it was put into different languages. Good call.