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  1. ItIsFinished!

    Ilhan Omar removed from House Foreign Affairs Committee

    Want a good laugh. Watch the whiney looney liberals melt-down response over racist Omar getting the boot. Especially listen to AOC. She is suffering in succotash ! The sky is absolutely falling with these clowns. She was madder than a wet hen. :) I'm going to go scream at some trees .
  2. ItIsFinished!

    Artificial Intelligence ChatGPT

    Getting closer and closer .
  3. ItIsFinished!

    Either Or

    Mow grass wrestle a polar bear wearing a salmon suit , or share a 5 gallon bucket of sugar free cherry jello with Maxine Waters? :)
  4. ItIsFinished!


    Welcome friend. :wave May you be blessed .
  5. ItIsFinished!

    Triple Letter Phrase Game ( aaa - zzz)

    Giant Great Groundhogs
  6. ItIsFinished!

    Name a Flower, Grass, or Tree (A-Z)

    Hi Sandra :wave. OT: Queens Palm
  7. ItIsFinished!

    Take My Word Game

    Farm worker
  8. ItIsFinished!

    Either Or

    Watch Tab or Diet Rite ?
  9. ItIsFinished!

    Triple Letter Phrase Game ( aaa - zzz)

    Evil Empire Evolving :darth
  10. ItIsFinished!

    4-Letter Game/Change One Letter

    Pest ( synonymous with Democrat)