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  1. twerpv

    Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz Signs "PRO Act" Protecting Abortion Access Into Law

    Imagine these people standing before the Great White Throne and answering to this abomination. Oh boy
  2. twerpv

    Police Officer fired over social media post on marriage

    I read the article. This guy sounds AWESOME! He is being obedient to God’s Word. He will be blessed. I know I can learn a thing or two from this young man.
  3. twerpv

    Joe Biden Is In a World of Trouble

    They show he was a paid foreign agent. Which he never registered to be. It’s a MAJOR felony. It’s what they accused Gen. Mike Flynn of (which was proven to be the lie it was). They tried to destroy him over that. Sadly, nothing will happen (in this life) to President Biden.
  4. twerpv

    Putin afraid of coup, will retire this year - source

    Haha “Retire” is a nice way to put it huh? He’ll “retire” just like the Tsars were “retired”
  5. twerpv

    US government examining over 500 ‘UFO’ reports

    Were these found in President Biden’s garage next to his corvette?
  6. twerpv

    Lynnette Hardaway (Diamond) Passed Away 01/09/2023

    No news on how she passed away? Seems odd.
  7. twerpv

    The Top 3 Prophetic News Headlines of 2022

    Of all the awesome posts I have read from you, this one about your dad is the BEST one (imo).
  8. twerpv

    The Top 3 Prophetic News Headlines of 2022

    I’d say a world wide digital currency is the biggest and most obvious one. Talk about controlling the masses.
  9. twerpv

    A Change of Heart

    Wow! What a testimony. Thank you for sharing.
  10. twerpv

    Jan. 6 panel recommends charging Trump with insurrection

    Psalm 37 is a calming Word for this occasion. Read it and “Do not fret….”
  11. twerpv

    Trump holds a celebration of the same-sex marriage law — at Mar-a-Lago

    This may be true. However, a CHRISTIAN running for office ought to put God first and let Him decided whether or not he or she actually gets elected. If God wants a CHRISTIAN to win, they will. Period.
  12. twerpv

    Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's Twitter account reinstated

    I’m so relieved that her Twitter was reinstated. Tump’s too. I can rest east now…..
  13. twerpv

    'It Begins': NY Fed and Major Banks Make Concerning Announcement

    This scam actually plays right into the hands of the globalist. It is the best argument yet to “need” government involvement and control.
  14. twerpv

    The ‘Respect For Marriage Act’ Is An Exercise In Tyranny, And Everyone Knows It

    This seems like the inevitable ‘next step’ in separating the wheat and chaff.
  15. twerpv

    Democrats clinch control of US Senate with win in Nevada

    Andy, Yes this. When I’m in my secular mind, I am angry and frustrated by Americans who have taken their freedom for granted. They have always grown up this way and think they will always just have it. Brittany Griner is now understanding this in the REAL. That stated I have to believe that God...
  16. twerpv

    Love thy neighbor as yourself

    Apologies are tough. Personally, I don’t think one should apologize for something they shouldn’t apologize for just to placate someone else. Of course we can always take a stand that we shouldn’t apologize for but certainly apologize for ‘how’ we handled it. I’ll share something I learned...
  17. twerpv

    Key security executives resign from Twitter

    Addition by subtraction. Bye