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    Darkness No More, Unless…

    Thing is, they don't accept that the end is as the Bible says it is. So very sad!
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    Darkness No More, Unless…

    They never tried to receive and accept the Savior, and this world is all they know and want. The Father will send them a delusion to make them think they are right because they will not receive the gift offered. Terribly sad!
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    About The Cross

    Thank you for the recommendation of "Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross". I believe it would make for a great message. Denny
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    Jesus Remembered Me

    Hank lived a life of alcoholism, yet he said he was a believer from a very young age. It is totally up to the Lord if his belief was true. I was only about 5 when I saw him, but I don't remember a whole lot. Only that Minnie Pearl held on to me as he passed by. My mom had relatives in the Grand...
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    He Died For You – Live For Him

    It is our privilege to vote which was bought by the blood of our Military people throughout our history. Even if the election turns out like the last one, at least we have given our message, even if only one vote.
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    Fingertips and Noses

    Just think how wonderful it will be when you get Home, and your wonderful child is waiting for you, and will have a special new body and brand new mindset. I believe the Father chooses Special People to have His Special Children. Your reunion will be even more special!
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    That Sounds Like Home To Me

    Soon and very soon, we're goin to be with God! (from an old Spiritual) That thought is on my mind every day. Thank you all for wonderful comments - just think how wonderful it will be when we're Home and never having to say goodbye to loved ones again! Wow and Wow!
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    Everything I’m Not

    Just know. The Lord Loves you more than you can ever imagine. I look forward to spending eternity with you and all our brothers and sisters. My concern is for loved ones who have never called out to Jesus. They have had the same opportunities as I have to seek Jesus, but some just don't want...
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    Everything I’m Not

    Whole reply didn't get in. Anyway, when I found out what really saves us, I called out to Jesus and told Him what He already knew, that I was a sinner. I asked His forgiveness, and to save me from hell. I believe that action changed my eternal address forever. Semantics has nothing to do...
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    Everything I’m Not

    The fact you're concerned about your eternity says you are most likely a true believer. There are people who believe Jesus exists, but there's other ways to Heaven. John 14:6 takes care of that. For those who don't believe Jesus and God are one, John 1:1-3, and John 10:30 handles that. I grew up...
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    Everything I’m Not

    There are people who believe Jesus lived, but He wasn't really God. I went to a church service one time where a man about 60 went forward. His testimony was, he believed there was a Jesus, but thought as long as he was in church, that was all he needed and he was all right. His testimony was...
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    Maybe Today!

    I got this off Wikipedia! It specifically states from Genesis through Revelation are 365 fear not verses.
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    No Scars In Heaven

    How about John 20:19-20 and John 20:25-27?
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    No Scars In Heaven

    As a testimony, just as He showed Thomas the scars on His hands, and feet, and the wound in His side. We will know Him, absolutely. The scars are for our benefit.
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    Disgusting Demonstration

    It was for the Israelites before Calvary, but when Jesus gave His life for us at Calvary, we are now included in God's will. John 10:16; "And I have other sheep that are not of this fold. I must bring them also, and they will listen to My voice. So there will be one flock, one Shepherd." He's...
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    No Scars In Heaven

    Just a reminder what our sins cost.
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    It Could Be Today

    You're right. As I got older, I started questioning what I was being taught. Reading the Bible for myself gave me answers I was looking for. Also, finding out what other organized evangelical groups were teaching made it all the more necessary to get a good study bible, and read from it daily...
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    It Could Be Today

    I grew up in a church that believed they were the only ones going to heaven, because they supposedly were the only ones that "strictly" followed the bible. After going in the Service in the 1960's, I started attending other churches, and found the teachings as varied as the church itself. When...
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    Maranatha And Soon

    I agree with the change your mind part that we have to change from the worldly way of thinking, and receive and accept Jesus as our one and only Savior - John 14:6.