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    Bette Midler: ‘Trump IS the Devil,’ Should Be Arrested for Attempted Murder of Joe Biden

    How ANYONE could possibly say that we aren't living anywhere near a prophetic time in history has been or is in a coma. Demonic influence, if not outright possession, right there, people. They are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually unhinged and we get to have a front row seat to the zoo.
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    Biological Male “Mother” Attempts To Breastfeed Newborn Birthed By His Biological Female “Boyfriend”

    I just can't even process this stuff anymore. There was a time 10 years ago, five years ago, even two years ago, when we would hear stories like this and even then it was stupifying and mind-boggling. Now, it's coming so fast and like birth pangs during transition that there's no breathing...
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    Is the Time at Hand?

    Turn on the news in the morning and it would be easy by mid-afternoon to want to go play on the dashed lines in the middle of the road. It's a horrific world we live in but a while ago, God allowed me to understand that were the world perfect and beautiful and peaceful and everything we could...
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    Syrian President Bashar al Assad wins in landslide

    You pretty much are going to win no matter what the election when you have guns held to the heads of the voters.
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    Ezekiel 38-39

    No one really knows when Isaiah 17 or Ezekiel 38-39 happens, but we are seeing the maps come to life.
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    Ezekiel 38-39

    This has been coming to mind quite a bit lately. With Russia suddenly back in the picture, courtesy of Biden crushing our plans for harvesting our own oil and gas and selling it to Germany, now that Trump is out of the picture, this could rapidly escalate to an Ezekiel situation, Germany will...
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    Another music star has come out as "non-binary"

    I am a medical assistant at a local hospital Urgent Care and we get LOTS of gay and lesbian and whatever else is out there coming in for various ailments. Without fail, every single one of them has a pharmaceutical meds list as long as my arm and they are usually a who's who of psychotropic...
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    Caitlyn Jenner announces run for California governor

    I don't play along with the he/she/it game--he's Bruce and if you're going spend all that money to play mind games with yourself, can you at least feminize your voice and not sound like a really ugly guy that thinks he looks like a woman? Anyway, California gets what it deserves if it continues...