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    Supreme Court sides with coach who sought to pray after game

    I thought it’s almost close to being like a modern day Daniel situation- he did as he always done, regardless of the consequence because he was honoring God, and God shows up :-)
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    Biden announces new $700 million in military aid for Ukraine

    When I read this, all that comes to mind is the article where Putin says something along the lines that he has 2 missiles that will take out the east coast of US and 2 missiles for the west coast :-(
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    Gantz seems to be talking about a possible military strike on Iran's nuclear production

    Thank you for that info! I heard something about how there is a prophecy in the Quran about Israel being destroyed or disbanded by July- even though I only believe the prophecies from the Bible, I think maybe some of those who follow the Quran are trying to make it happen before then
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    Gantz seems to be talking about a possible military strike on Iran's nuclear production

    Ive been watching this for awhile, but I’ve never researched what exactly is a nuke? Atomic bomb? What is the danger of this, like entire countries just gone? Do other countries have these? If so, why is it such a big deal Iran does? Sorry for sounding dumb on the subject, I’m praying against...
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    Gas prices in your area?

    In East central Fl we are seeing $3.59- I can’t see how this won’t effect prices of everything. I deliver mail and that’s a huge hit as I have to fill my mail truck at least 2x/week. My Toyota Venza now takes $50 to fill up
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    How’s Your Walk with God

    Beautiful :-) The world has a way of making us forget to be present and in the moment...thank you for the beautiful reminder! I was convicted not too long ago of asking God in my prayers to “walk with me today”...even though that’s ok to ask, it made me think that I need to reword that to say...
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    A boring subject, cooling pillows. Who has one, does it work?

    Pretty sure I bought him a Sealy from Kohl’s this past Christmas, but he cut the tags off so I can’t be certain lol
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    A boring subject, cooling pillows. Who has one, does it work?

    My husband only sleeps with a cooling pillow! It def stays cold
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    Major Hurricane to hit Gulf Coast

    Yes please do!! I had friends stay in the storm that hit near Lynn Have in FL panhandle (I believe that’s the name) and they- including the dog- suffer pstd now. It’s no joke when the waters rise and the roof blows off and you have to stay put. for everyone else, please say prayers as I’m sure...
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    Hanging out with the unsaved

    That’s a tough one lol. We’re told not to be unequally yoked, but we are also told to be light and salt in the world. I was friends with Denise way before I was saved, Jesus came into my life but I continued to be her friend, she is more family to me than some of my blood family. She was...
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    I was into perfume a looooong time ago- I was obsessed with ordering samples off of eBay...always an option, and the small tubes make nice little stocking stuffers for those wanting to try different perfumes out :-) I always loved La Vie est belle...smells AMAZING on others, but I think it...
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    It's my Anniversary!!

    What an awesome milestone! Happy anniversary!!
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    Church Bus Route

    I always wanted to be the driver of this ministry! The last church I mentioned it to the pastor, but nothing came from it :-(
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    Afghan government seeks to hold last strongholds as Taliban extend capture of cities

    I just read Taliban are going door-to- door marrying girls as young as 12 :-( this is absolutely heartbreaking:-(
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    Favorite Christian/ Gospel song

    I love Natalie Grant’s “My Weapon” Francesca Batistelli “Holy Spirit” A song I’ve recently been singing that I can feel my face is lit up is “Open Up the Heavens” by Meredith Andrews
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    Favorite Christian/ Gospel song

    We sang this at church 2 weeks ago and just goosebumps and tears :-)
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    The Lord's voice

    Oops- not sure what happened there lol- I was thinking not too long ago about Exodus 10-12 how Moses and Aaron were met with spiritual opposition with what they were being told to do by God. If I felt God told me to do something, but I kept going against a shut door, (Pharoah’s hardened heart)...
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    The Lord's voice

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    The Lord's voice

    Totally agree - to a point lol. Pastor David Jeremiah talked about how he thought he heard from the Lord to move from his home base to CA and start his current church. His wife received the confirmation, but he was still hemming and hawing over it. His wife even joked that God Himself could come...
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    Maybe legal advice?

    Husband and seller are still in talks, on good terms, so we’ll see what’s next. Unfortunately we are both so illiterate with electronics we didn’t know there is a place where you check the IMEI number on Verizon’s website to make sure it’s a free and clear product. Thank you all for the input!