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    Why not 2022?

    This is a facepalm thing to me. Okay, so there are tons of date setters, many down to the exact day, but the current "high watch" dates are for sometime before 2021. And I follow the reasoning on this (80 years from Isreal's rebirth minus 7 for the Trib), but the part that's a head-scratcher to...
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    Crazy weather extremes

    Where I live (Eastern Washington state), on this date last year we set a record high of 81 degrees. This year we're breaking that record with a high of 91 degrees (F). Two years ago, we set a record low of 37 for this same date. That's three years in a row where the temps all set records for...
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    Young child learning the gospel

    So I'm trying to get my 3 year old to understand the gospel, but between his young age and the hard concepts involved, we end up with some amusing conversations. Here are a few. Mom: Jesus lives in your heart. Son (after short pause to think about this): Like a germ? Mom: ...So we invite Jesus...
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    Defining harassment at work...ugh

    I had mandatory new employee training about workplace harassment, and learned that in Washington State, which declares all degrees of gender expression and sexual orientation as "protected" classes, I cannot state aloud "I disagree with gay marriage" in any workplace setting (including outside...
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    Why do I have to be so careful with cartoons?!?!

    The LBGT (etc) culture is so frustratingly pervasive in kids shows! I remember watching She-ra as a kid from the 80s, and when I noticed that Netflix had a modern take on it, I started looking into it to see if it's be something for my kids when they're a little older. Well apparently lesbian...
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    Pope and Mormons

    Article in Washington Post mentioning how the Pope met with President of Mormon church to discuss commonalities. The article mentioned the first Mormon church being built in Rome and how this "legitimizes" Mormonism as a "true Christian" church. Ugh.
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    A nation of heretics

    I was trying to find something else and stumbled on this article. It was a survey of what "Christians" believe. We are so pathetic. Or our Churchs are doing a horrible job at educating their congregation.
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    How important is End Times theology?

    So, I asked my pastor yesterday what he thought of the End Times. I asked because he'd made some off-hand negative comments about the Left Behind book series (not from the pulpit, just in a small group setting), but in the 3 years we've been here, there's never been a sermon on that topic, so I...
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    Someone please explain NAR....

    Okay, I read the beliefs of the New Apostolic Reformation movement from wikipedia. And I'm pretty sure the church I attended back in college, where I got saved, was/is a member of this movement. So I get their reasoning, even if I was never comfortable with a lot of the spirit-filled stuff (as...
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    Rapture is excuse leading to Mark of Beast?

    Okay, pure speculation, but I was wondering the whole "people chipped" Mark of the beast idea and why the world might go along with that plan. After all, there are a ton of non-Biblical reasons a person might refuse to get chipped (gross out factor of becoming a cyborg, privacy issues, etc.) So...