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    Union Theological Seminary Holds ‘Confession to Plants’ in Chapel Ceremony

    The poor students, being force-fed theological garbage.
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    Why not 2022?

    Yep. And a follow-up book about why Jesus was coming in 1989 when the first prediction failed.
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    Why not 2022?

    This is a facepalm thing to me. Okay, so there are tons of date setters, many down to the exact day, but the current "high watch" dates are for sometime before 2021. And I follow the reasoning on this (80 years from Isreal's rebirth minus 7 for the Trib), but the part that's a head-scratcher to...
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    Medi-Share or other Christian Health Care sharing?

    I used Christian healthcare ministries. They do reimbursement of medical expenses. I used them for giving birth to my second child and except for the fact that it's slow to get the whole payment processed (I needed to set up payment plan with the hospital and pay the first payment before I got a...
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    Breaking: Netanyahu Announces Annexation of Jordan Valley

    Yeah, this view has a lot going for it. But I will admit that Andy Wood's idea that the whole section is divided - chapter 38 happening earlier, then a gap, then 39 at the second coming is pretty persuasive too. The burning of weapons reminds me of the verse about beating swords into plows (the...
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    Breaking: Netanyahu Announces Annexation of Jordan Valley

    I don't think it's in the Bible that the AC will build the temple, but I do think that's what the Jews expect. If someone were to accomplish that, I think they'd take it as a sign that the person was their Messiah. So, since that's kind of what they're looking for, it's been somewhat embraced by...
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    No holes in the floor of Heaven

    I thought I'd been very polite, so I'm sorry you felt I was attacking you. My point was that it was okay to disagree on this point and then simply stated my position on it. For example, you quoted the scripture about "no more tears" to support your position, and I'd use the same scripture to say...
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    Dave Hodge's article on "Revelations from the Underworld" in daily news

    Yeah, I don't know how exactly Rapture Ready gets their news headlines, but I think it must be automated because every once in a while something really weird like this pops up and it's a head-scratcher. I would take this article about aliens with a whole salt shaker worth of salt.
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    No holes in the floor of Heaven

    Yes, I agree, it is referring to the saints if old. But if you think the dead are unaware of what happens on Earth, then how are those saints watching? I guess we just disagree about what kind of impact knowing what's happening on Earth has on the people in Heaven. I think, like Paul says, that...
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    If you could ask God for anything....

    The salvation of my kids!
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    No holes in the floor of Heaven

    Um... While I'd never try to contact a dead loved one, which is what this is addressing, I'm not sure I'd go so far as to agree that the dead are ignorant if what is happening in this life. I think they see and praise God (we see that in Revelation). And who is the "great host of witnesses" Paul...
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    Wisdom of the Ancients

    And this is still true almost a decade later.
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    EFCA Now Considers Premillennialism a Non-Essential

    Who is EFCA? I guess it isn't "required" that you believe the Rapture is before the Trib... You'll get taken anyway... But it sure is poor Biblical interpretation to not believe it..
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    Anyone on here play videogames?

    I used to play RPG style, but the modern graphics often make me motion sick. Yuck.
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    "My eyes are open to what's wrong with the church"

    I don't think I've ever attended a church where I agreed with everything the pastor (or denomination) taught, but felt that if it wasn't a salvation issue (or something serious like a prosperity gospel thing), then it wasn't worth kicking up a fuss over. There are too many people who whine about...
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    Trinity and Oneness Theologies

    Eh, I have to disagree with the idea of this being a salvation issue. If someone believes the Oneness stuff (even though it's wrong), but believes God-in-the-person-of-Jesus died on the cross for our sins, that is all that's necessary for salvation. It doesn't require a "full understanding of...
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    Prophecy Watchers

    Huh. I think might have gotten this author mixed up the Joel Rosenberg.
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    I wonder what the purpose was for.....

    I've read that spiders can eat pollen caught in their webs when needed, so I think there's a chance that other insects were once less harmful. I mean, if lions once ate straw (and will again), that would take a major digestive tract rework, so I think it's safe to say that insects could have...