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  1. OnceWasLost

    Church thoughts?

    Paul seemed to have no trouble discussing it with the Thessalonians. He only spent roughly a month with a group of new believers and taught them while he was with them, and added more detail less than a year later. Any pastor avoiding discussing any part of scripture should avoid calling...
  2. OnceWasLost

    Jordanian fighter jets strike hard at ISIS, pay tribute to murdered pilot

    And there you have it. Jordan for one get's it. The barbarism of ISIS, ideologically speaking, is no different from that of the nazi party in WWII. Domination, conquest and subjugation of all. What ultimately defeated the axis in WWII was a greater, determined and superior force. That exists...
  3. OnceWasLost

    "Loving The Lord" and being "Sober Minded"

    Thanks Adrian, as you well know the first conviction is to the writer. :hide
  4. OnceWasLost

    "Loving The Lord" and being "Sober Minded"

    I was having a discussion with a friend recently and the phrase “they love the Lord” came up when describing a person with a watered down understanding of scripture. That was the response I received when it was pointed out that they should know better, that they need to read the Word and they...
  5. OnceWasLost


    We began the book of Philippians last Wednesday night and something struck me in the text. Here is why and I'll explain the verse at the end. Reading through the news, on any given day, we are able to stories that are of interest to the church, or at least they should be. In the last few...
  6. OnceWasLost

    Pope Francis: ‘Evolution … is not inconsistent with the notion of creation’

    Re: Pope Francis: ‘Evolution … is not inconsistent with the notion of creation’ To make a statement like this requires a complete ignorance of Scripture, yet we are told he is the "vicar of Christ" Sounds like the line of communication is broken. Actually it has never existed between heaven...
  7. OnceWasLost

    Senior Obama administration official reportedly calls Netanyahu chickens**t

    This is just comical. For this administration that leaves active war zones because he made campaign promises to the left, is simply awesome. If obama were the PM in Israel does anyone believe he would have launched the offensive into Gaza? Way to keep it classy (whoever the brave, unnamed...
  8. OnceWasLost

    Is revival coming?

    Revival! It’s a term we here thrown around in church constantly, usually so as to benefit the ministry or minister who speaks of it. In fact, it is used so often people might not fully realize what it means, nor could they find examples of it in the pages of scripture. Genuine “revival”...
  9. OnceWasLost

    Essentials and non essentials.

    I recently heard a teacher use this verse as a reason why we should not correct someone publicly, even when what they believe is demonstrably incorrect according to scripture. It was all in the context of one person thinking they knew better than the other and that such things must not be so...
  10. OnceWasLost

    UN Security Council to Meet over Israeli Building in Jerusalem

    Of course no mention of the "quiet intifada" waged by muslim terrorists in East Jerusalem will be mentioned. Even for Christians who know The Word, and the spiritual hatred of Israel that it speaks of, it's still hard to imagine the blindness.
  11. OnceWasLost

    City of Houston demands pastors turn over sermons

    This is intended to see how far they can push the limits. Unless this really flames out, expect new challenges soon, somewhere else. These kinds of laws are happening in a number of western countries, so it's only a matter of time until they become common here.
  12. OnceWasLost

    Ex-president Carter says he would've beaten Reagan if he was 'more manly' against Iran

    carter a guy who would be hard pressed to beat Urkel in arm wrestling, that's rich. The former POTUS would need to think and govern like Reagan to beat Reagan. You simple man, he beat you because he was the antithesis of you. Liberals are so dense, they never get it, even after decades...
  13. OnceWasLost

    Obama: The People of Gaza Need Hope

    What do the people in Iraq need, oh you don't know, because you abandoned them? He gives incompetence a bad name.
  14. OnceWasLost

    Obama says that after 9/11, 'we tortured some folks'

    Is that how he refers to people who had to listen to his speeches in Chicago? News flash, you are still torturing us, only now it's national, not just the people who had to endure it in Illinois.
  15. OnceWasLost

    Who are the Children of Disobedience who will suffer God's Wrath?

    "Backslidden" implies they will return. Assuming they return, they are not "dead" or that would mean our salvation is dependent on our action. As an aside, anyone who would identify themselves as backslidden and continues another day in that condition is a mystery to me.
  16. OnceWasLost

    isis pledge to join palestinian fight

    Having been to Israel it makes it better to understand how difficult it would be for an army to advance on Israel in today's world. If they come from Iraq getting to the heart of Israel from the immediate east means they would need to come through Jordan and that would be a tough trek through...
  17. OnceWasLost

    Who are the Children of Disobedience who will suffer God's Wrath?

    It applies to the Ephesians who were now Born Again as they read Paul's letter. When he says "we" in verse three he broadens it to include all the unsaved. The chapter is written to describe the difference between saved and unsaved.
  18. OnceWasLost

    Assad must go? Obama administration's focus on Syria in doubt as death toll soars

    Again and again he talks a big game until the heat becomes too great and he retreats. He also surrounds himself we people as clueless to reality as he is. No wonder he is such a miserable failue. Israel Tunisia Libya Egypt Syria Iran Iraq Afghanistan Arab Spring Russia Turkey...
  19. OnceWasLost

    Hamas: In Next Round, We'll Invade Israel

    Yes, it never stops being a funny video. Blessings on your home Mike.