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    Has anyone ever heard of Lillith? Supposedly she was around before Cain & Able? My daughter mentioned this person to me and although I've heard the story, it was many many years ago. Does anyone recall how the story actually goes? I know it's made up and all, I just want to remember it as...
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    Tattoo question

    The one I am going to get on my forearm needs a bit of work. Should it say: Ambassador for Christ, Ambassador for Jesus or Ambassador for God? Or, should it read Ambassador OF God, Jesus or Christ? I'm not sure which is grammatically correct!
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    Ever feel like you just don't belong here?

    I was just walking into another doctor appointment and had an odd feeling. I don't belong here. I was walking in the parking lot and felt like i was walking in the clouds, or somewhere else. The feeling of not belonging here was strong. This ever happen to you? It makes me certain this is...
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    When Hospice came out yesterday, the lead nurse asked me if I smoked Marijuana. I told her no. She said I should and they highly recommend it for pain, anxiety and sleep. They will even tell you what types to buy. Apparently the different strains do different things. I told her I wouldn't...
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    Do you use a telescope?

    I am considering buying one. Since I am up at night anyway, it may keep me busy. Twenty two(ish) years ago, I had one, but ot was stolen off my patio in the apartment I lived in at the time. I want something to where I can see the moon very close, but also jist search around space. Most of...
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    My new belief about Heaven

    I have struggled with Heaven somewhat. The struggle has always been how much lf this life will we remember, will we be more like robots if we don't remember much, etc. etc. I have seen many other Christians struggle with the same questions. After much prayer, I now believe we remember it...
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    Stupid dreams

    I just woke up from another creepy dream. It must be the pain medication. This time it was vampire cows. It actually sounds hilarious, but they were pretty scary cows. I may lay off hamburger for a while.
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    Graduation question

    My daughter's graduation is Saturday morning. I am torn on what to do. Covid-19 cases in Missouri are going through the roof, including the area where i live and where the graduation is. There will be around 3,000 + people in attendance and it is in a County where masks are not required...
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    High school graduation question

    My daughter's graduation is Saturday morning. I am torn on what to do. Covid-19 cases in Missouri are going through the roof. There will be around 3,000 people in attendance and it is in a County where masks are not required. Social distancing will not be possible. What do I do? I am...
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    Anyone else super excited that The Last of Us 2 is out on Tuesday?! I've waited nearly 6 years for this and will certainly be buying it. It is apparently a violent game, but that's ok. Nobody wants a peaceful revenge and zombie game.
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    Looking past the distractions

    Whenever we have a major series of events in the USA, I like to look around and see what we are being distracted from. With the riots and protesting, I've noticed there has been almost no coverage on our escalating tensions with China. We sent three more ships to their area, yet I've seen only...
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    Boxing fans?

    Boxes has always been one of my favorite sporting events. If you could see any two boxers, from any era, go at it, who would it be? Everyone in their primes of course. I would like to an Ali vs. Louis match-up. Maybe a Frazier vs. Foreman or Tyson when Frazier wasn't already way over the...
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    Freedom of speech?

    The govt. could not take.this from us, so they've allowed the people to. Sure, you can say just about anything, but speak the truth and face the consequences. Today, who dares say anything negative about BLM or praises the Police on Social Media? Only the crazy. The truth is there are...
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    Favorite outdoor party games?

    We are having some family over this weekend and would like to get some outdoor games for us all. Cornhole is one i will buy, but after that, I am kind of stuck. What games do you like? I thought about croquet, but it is doubtful we do that because the others have never played it. Everyone...
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    Thinking they are saved

    How is it some people are not known by God when they get to Heaven, but professed Jesus on earth? I get it that they never truly believed, but did a person such as this fool themselves? I don't understand how a person can know about Jesus, speak about Jesus, but yet not believe?
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    The upcoming election

    I know I am in the minority here, but I believe Trump will lose this election. I was listening to a Mark Hitchcock YouTube video from a year ago last night. He mentioned a philosopher from the 1200's who explained why Democracy simply will never work. Once the population realizes they can...
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    At what point do you walk away?

    When you are trying to reach a family member with the gospel, at what point do you kick the dust from your heels and move on? I am trying to reach some folks in my family. I get nonsense type comments about aliens, that we live in a simulation, that there are many gods so why should they...
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    Have you ever seen a demon?

    If so, what did it look like? I'm guessing they come in many shapes and sizes. I think I've felt their presence before, but can't say that I've seen one. I've seen weird things, but never a demon.
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    Have you ever seen a UFO?

    I'm just curious to see if anyone has seen something they couldn't identify. Plus, this is a much lighter topic to discuss. :)
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    Do you believe the original Babylon will be rebuilt and is the Babylon spoken of in Revelation? I do not think anyone is right or wrong. In studying this, I have found there are currently no plans to rebuild this ancient city. It was finally endorsed as a tourist site by many organizations in...