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  1. Rez63

    Troopers surprise 10 yo boy when no one shows up to his birthday party.

    With all the bad news that is happening around the world right now, this story is a breath of fresh air! ! Seems a 10 yo boy was having his birthday party and mom sent out 21 invitations to his classmates. But none of them showed. State Troopers heard of it from his moms Facebook post and a few...
  2. Rez63

    Happy Thanksgiving! !

    I want to wish all my RF family a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I am soo thankful that God has put you all into my life and I've been very blessed by all of you! My our LORD richly bless you on this day!!
  3. Rez63

    Windows 10

    Has anyone heard about the Windows 10 launch? Supposed to be a free upgrade for anyone running Windows 7 or 8/8.1. Any comments on this? I have Windows 8. Did the upgrade to 8.1! I hate both.
  4. Rez63

    Gardening in Heaven- A thought & question

    I took a walk on Sunday around the California State Capitol park on Sunday. They have every tree that is native to California planted there. They also have a large rose garden, which is in bloom right now. It was BEAUTIFUL! ! The beauty of the flowers and the perfumed air was awesome! I just...
  5. Rez63

    The Rapture & Heaven.

    How many of us here on the Forums have made the statement in a post, at Church/ bible study, to our spouse or kids , " I'm ready for the Rapture and want to go home to Heaven. Come get your Bride LORD, we're sick of this place"? I would guess most, if not all have either made this statement or...
  6. Rez63

    Parable of the Ten Minas

    In Luke 19:11-27 Jesus told a Parable. It was in response to the thinking that the Kingdom Of God would appear immediately (verse 11). Verses 11-12 state that the master gave TEN of his servants 10 minas and to do business till he comes back from his journey. In verse 15 the master returns and...
  7. Rez63

    Prodigal son

    Hi all ! A little about myself. I was raised believing that God exsisted but never really understood the Gospel. At 19 I started going to church with a girlfriend I was with. I got very involved there, playing in the worship band etc. But never really had a relationship with Jesus. I asked...