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    Daniel 70 weeks

    I was talking the other day about how I had learned that the Hebrew word "weeks" is translated to 7 years like our decade is 10 years and was asked where did I find this in the bible that a week is 7 years. I said I do not know. I will surely find out. So is there a scripture that spells that...
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    what not to read

    I mentioned in bible class that I had read the quran in English , to see if I could understand stand where these people are coming from in their thinking. I was told that the bible says that we should not read these type of books. I said is this scripture, cause I have read the Mormon bible...
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    Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?

    Ya'll be making me hungry.. how about grilled porch possum with bake taters, greens and cornbread. Now that is high cotton eating. (Just kidding Bro's & Sisters):cool2:
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    John MacArthur and Jimmy DeYoung Says You Can Be Saved After You Receive The Mark Of The Beast

    WOW, guess I'm one of the very very few who likes his teachings, I copy on paper his sermons and the verses he uses I read them to see where he is coming up with his statements and to prove his statements. I have learned a lot from his teachings , looked thru his commentary on the Book of...
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    Women in faith conference

    Just in case, " I,m a bro.":elmogrin I posted this cause my wife saw it at church, and yes I,ve done more research and I really have a bad feeling bout the wof and will asked at my church why?
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    Women in faith conference

    Thank ya'll for the input, had red flags go up, however didn't know anything about it. Again I thank each of your responses.:thumbup
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    you might be a redneck if.....

    Fresh possum meat off the porch is better than off the road, less grit...:cool2:
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    Women in faith conference

    Didn't know where to post this, Does anybody have any good or bad information about the Women in Faith conference's that are being held? The conference is being held in Lake wood church, in Houston this feb. I kinda have a bad feeling bout this, can't find any real reviews or anything. thanks.
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    LivinForChrist, sure thank you for the reply, I do believe that is very good advice, just kinda felt guilty that I didn't say anything, even though I thought the conversasion didn't sound right.
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    On a couple of occasions I heard individuals make comments of people dying and coming back to life. As for me I truly believe Hebrews 9:27, Man is to Die once, then judgement. Then I read in Luke 16: 19-31; and that makes sense to the above scripture that once once you die you don't come back...
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    New Creation Church

    Does anyone know anything about this church, founded by Joseph Prince.
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    Christians in Need of Backup!!!

    WOW.... just went over to look and it really saddens me, I do believe I'll remain here with my brothers and sisters, I really don't want to argue with someone or somebody who already has their mind set; regardless of what proof of scripture I give. IMHO I believe they read the scripture without...
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    Adrian, can you message me?

    mikalikat, I push the like on your response, I was not making fun of you, I really like your attitude towards your ADD.
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    Will Obama Start a Distracting Crisis????

    I would not put it pass him to do it....I really believe that, cause the man wants to play big dog of the yard and you are not suppose to challenge him on nothing.
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    Brief History of the Future

    Hey Bro, that is a very good article and I would like to just copied it to pass around at work, that is if you don't mind. Also above Kenny64 mention Bill S. he is very good in his book "Isralestine", it's worth the price good research material. That is besides the Bible of course. Dr...
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    Question Time.

    Actually I do want a dispensational, pretrib. Sofar I see Scofield may be one I will look at along with the Macarthur. Thanks.
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    Memorandum - A wonderful tool for AFTER the Rapture!

    GREAT, done already made some sopies and they will appear at my work, this is to me a very good warning as to what will be coming in the very near future. Thanks for Memorandum.:thumbup
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    Question Time.

    HI, Shiloh Rose thanks for the feed back, On R.C. I do believe that he does'nt believe in the pretrib. I looked him up on who's who in bible prophecy and he has an x by his name. As for the reformation Bible, tried looking up what it is and all I could get was advertisements for his Bible. As...
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    Question Time.

    I am really looking at two study bibles and I can't seem to decide which one, so how about some opinions on some you own. The I like the J. Macarthur , ESV study bible and the R.C. Sproul; ESC Reformation Study Bible was given to me. In a sense I not very so sure about The Reformation Bible...
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    off the grid...

    I think I go off the grid alot or my wife thinks I've got selective hearing.:shocked