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    ‘I like Hitler,' Kanye West says, denies Holocaust in Alex Jones interview

    He's a victim of ritual abuse. His handlers are the ones who broke him, and intentionally so. I imagine he's being used, and that he's behaving exactly as they want him to. That's the only reasonable explanation I can come up with. His handlers are allowing him to break ranks and expose some...
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    Illegal firearms like M-16s increasing within Palestinian terrorists, armed gangs - analysis

    Terrorists can get their hands on M-16s, but I, a law abiding citizen in a country with a constitution that expressly allows citizens to have whatever arms, am not allowed to have a rifle with a barrel less than 16"? So dumb.
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    Worldwide anti-government protest, paving way for "savior"

    I hesitate to say how long we have here, but however long it is, it can't be much longer. Just look at the rate of earthquakes around the world. Armor of Light has been doing wonderful work in the thread "Is this the year for the big one?" I've posted some of my own work there. The increase in...
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    New Age Cover Up

    Some people claim that tuning forks can move energies around the body and promote healing of both physical and spiritual maladies because of the vibrations, which are 3 dimensional, and that enlightenment works in a similar principle, that the vibrations occur in higher dimensions, allowing the...
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    Is this the year for the big one?

    Well, that sure looks like an uptick.
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    Worldwide anti-government protest, paving way for "savior"

    It seems that no one is happy with their governments. Protests are happening across the world, from Brazil regarding the election that happened, to Europe over farming and other stuff, to even China protesting the extreme lockdowns. People won't be welcoming of the anti-christ if they're...
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    New Age Cover Up

    My mom is into that stuff, and said that they are claiming that the true followers of God will not be raptured as we know it, but will vibrate in 5 dimensions, and be basically invincible missionaries. Then the righteous unbelievers will be taken to another planet to create a God-fearing...
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    Is this the year for the big one?

    Speaking of "diverse places," a 5.3 earthquake hit West Texas today. Not exactly a hotbed of earthquake activity.
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    Is this the year for the big one?

    Had a little extra time at work today, so I collected the emsc data for monthly earthquakes for higher resolution, and this is what I got: Kinda tough to fit a trendline to this, but the exponential function seems to still work fairly well. There's a definite pattern of a spike followed by a...
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    Saudis Building Resort Town Near Jabal Al Lawz, Why?

    Saudi Arabia's NOEM, which recently made headlines by beginning construction on The Line, a 110 mile long city, has a couple other projects up its sleeves: A port city called the Oxagon on the coast of the Red Sea, and a lake-front resort town high in the mountains 50 km from the Gulf of Aqaba...
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    Is this the year for the big one?

    Interestingly, during the period from Jan 1 to Nov 2 in 2022, we've had about 37k earthquakes between 3.0 and 4.9, but during the same period in 2021, we had about 39k. Perhaps we are between contractions? Earlier this year, I posted a few charts, one showing an exponential trend line. As far...
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    Sanctuary cities are havens for criminals - the plan has been a bust.

    People are trying to claim that he's a Christian extremist, but he has declared that Jesus is the antichrist, so he's definitely not a Christian.
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    RCC's claim to Peter

    Leadership of the Church is in Jesus Christ. Elders and pastors are appointed to lead local congregations, but nowhere in the New Testaments is anyone appointed as head of the whole Church. Of course, this lack of scriptural evidence for their leadership is why the Catholic Church must also...
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    The False Christ of Roman Catholicism

    I'd also add that ascribing powers to substances is sorcery.
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    Is Roman Catholicism the One True Church?

    What I've found gets their attention is asking them if they believe that God isn't powerful enough to pay the penalty of our sins. After all, Jesus on the cross said "it is finished," but Catholics believe they must go to Purgatory to pay the rest. If Jesus' sacrifice isn't enough to pay all of...
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    The False Christ of Roman Catholicism

    Why must some conversion occur to the elements for that guilt to happen? Is not the inherent symbolism and understanding of such enough? To be unrepentant while knowingly accepting of the symbols of forgiveness is basically to spit in Jesus' face while demanding His righteousness. It's not...
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    How is the weather in your area NOW??

    Where I am in Washington hasn't seen any significant rain since June. Usually, we'll get a decent amount of rain in mid-September, and then October is mostly cold and wet, but instead, it's been 68-75 degrees and sunny. Makes me wonder if this is a preview of "coming attractions."
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    The False Christ of Roman Catholicism

    That passage in 1 Corinthians says nothing about Jesus' flesh and blood being consumed. Only that if you, while still in unrepentant sin, eat and drink of the Lord's Supper, which is bread and wine symbolically pointing to Jesus' flesh and blood being killed and spilled, dishonor Jesus'...
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    Israel to build a rail line from Ben Gurion Airport to the Western Wall

    Resurrecting this thread because the rail line is basically done, ( but also because it may be a partial fulfilment of Isaiah 49:11 "I will turn all my mountains into...