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  1. Rez63

    What Three Words?

    Three word they can use for MY address. ... I'M OUTTA HERE!
  2. Rez63

    What Three Words?

    Yup!! 777 Hallelujah Blvd!!! Right there on the corner of Praise Rd!!
  3. Rez63

    Prayers to Allah offered at PCUSA’s General Assembly plenary session

    I seem to remember, I think it was around 2008 or 2009, that the PCUSA voted on same-sex marriage or relationships were ok within the (their) Church. That same day, lighting hit the cross on their headquarters and knocked it down!!
  4. Rez63

    Precedent-Setting Bill Denying Christian Colleges Religious Freedom Inches Forward

    Man.......and I thought that the Circus was at the State Capitol (I live real close to it), when I saw a the "Clowns"running around there! !! Seriously though, none of this stuff should really suprise us. As close to the Trib and therefore the Rapture that we are, we should be seeing the...
  5. Rez63

    Prayers to Allah offered at PCUSA’s General Assembly plenary session

    PCUSA = POLITICALLY CORRECT USA. The real Presbyterian church died a LONG time ago!!!
  6. Rez63

    Is homosexuality genetic or is it a choice?

    :scoregood "What love is this" indeed!! :cloud9
  7. Rez63

    Is homosexuality genetic or is it a choice?

    :scoregood I so agree with you brother! And, as a side note, I want to thank you. You are such an encouragement to me and everyone else on this site! I have read many of your posts and you are so positive! ! It's so nice. Here is a "Man Hug" for ya bro!!:hug May the Lord bless you as you have...
  8. Rez63

    Is homosexuality genetic or is it a choice?

    I just got to thinking about my post above. Maybe Im wrong on that. When God originally created Man, He created him with the sexual desire for his wife...women. But when man fell, his desires got twisted because of mans now corrupted nature. All Man now is born with Adams fallen,corrupted...
  9. Rez63

    Is homosexuality genetic or is it a choice?

    It sounds like you are saying that it is God who gave man the desire to have sexual relations with other men. Am I reading you right? And it's our acting on that desire thats wrong. I would disagree if that is what your proposing. God created sex to be between one man and one woman in the...
  10. Rez63

    Is homosexuality genetic or is it a choice?

    I say the Title of their "Community "says it all.... LGBT.....The "B"is for bisexual and is therefore a "Choice". They betray themselves with their own label! And the "T" in that label also betrays their belief. The homosexuals claim that they " were born this way". Yet the Transsexuals say...
  11. Rez63

    Should We Take Prophecy Seriously?

    I hear you on this,BFA. I have friends who think the same as your husband. But my response to them is....if we are to "Follow Christ ", and 1/3 of the Bible is Prophecy, and 2/3 of that 1/3 is End Time related, shouldn't we be paying attention to it? Or should we just ignore all that scripture...
  12. Rez63

    Genesis 6:6 The Lord was sorry that He had made man...

    I don't have an answer for you Lily. But we can come to understand things in God's Word if we do, what I call "PROVERBS 2 IT"! Prov 2:1-6. Dig, search, pray, cry out for understanding! ! Sometimes God wants us to really dig into His word for the Truth. It doesn't always come easy. Sometimes...
  13. Rez63

    Homosexual friends ?

    I have a co-worker who is.....well she is not sure what. She has what she terms her "wife". They have split up often (ALOT of physical abuse on both their parts! ) and this woman ends up with a man!? She knows I'm a Christian and knows what I believe about her lifestyle, but I don't put it in...
  14. Rez63

    Palestinian Authority TV: Galilee is 'Palestine'

    All of Israel is Palestine! !! The problem is that the Palestinian Authority and the ARABS they claim to represent are NOT Palestinians!! Israelis are!!
  15. Rez63

    VIDEO: Liberals Sign Petition to Add Urinals to Women’s Bathrooms For Transgenders

    Just as God tells us in His word, in these Last Days, people have lost the ability to think with ANY kind of logic or reasoning! !
  16. Rez63

    Obama is the 'loose cannon'.

    Hopefully we will be gone before this.....but maybe Hillary? It sure seems to be a real possibility. I can't even imagine what our Country will look like then!!.
  17. Rez63

    Alligator grabs 2 year old at Disney resort in Orlando

    I can't even imagine being the father !!! Praying for this family. They REALLY need the LORD right now!! Please Lord, comfort this family in their time of need!!