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    well, I will miss my yearly trip on Southwest Airlines.
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    Shadow of Apocalypse

    If Putin were to to strike at Western Europe or the USA with nukes, would the Biden Administration respond or just send Joe to the bomb shelter with a lifetime supply of (your favorite brand) ice cream?
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    Thanks to the Biden Administration, Russia and Iran Are Closer than Ever

    not surprising. the Ezekiel coalition continues to strengthen its bonds.
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    Arabs to Biden: Do Not Sign the Iran Deal, It Will Start a War

    Sorry Arabs, Biden won't listen to you; he is either too senile or too dumb. Praying that God intervenes and soon.
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    Project Gilgamesh

    Idiots.Idiots.Idiots!!! Do they think they are smarter than God Himself?!
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    Pot Calling the Kettle Black

    Far left Progressive Democrats are absolutely fascists. And hypocrites.
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    Biden admits….

    His autobiography would be called "C'mon on, man!"
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    Vegetarianism Has Become an End-Time Religion

    Forbidding to marry has already started and not just in the LGBTQ arena. I testify to this based on how many times I have been told to not get married, that it is wrong.. by people who are already married (and therefore, hypocrites) but I won't go any further as this is not really a thread on...
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    Vegetarianism Has Become an End-Time Religion

    I wonder how these vegan leftists who are so concerned about slaughterhouses think about abortion and killing unborn babies??
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    Vegetarianism Has Become an End-Time Religion

    I think the leftists are the champions of hypocrisy
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    Vegetarianism Has Become an End-Time Religion

    Good article. The Bible says people will forbid other people to eat meat... Gotta love how the Bible predicts things. And a good idea to eat both meat and vegetables.
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    When I was a Thousand Years Old

    Is Pete implying the New Jerusalem will be revealed during the Millennial Kingdom? Isn't the New Jerusalem revealed after the Satan has been thrown into the Lake of Fire and the Great White Throne Judgement has already occurred?
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    The Days of Reckoning

    very interesting article
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    Putin a Christian/Believer??

    Not sure this is the right subforum for this topic..... want to pose the question is "Putin a believer" question for discussion. Had one of my Twitter followers commented on one of my posts and said Putin opposed the globalists/new world order and he promoted Christian values. and we should be...
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    Christians, wake up: If world doesn't stop Putin - NATO, Israel are next

    Did the author never read Eze 38 and 39? Does he not know that an invasion of Israel, led by a country "far north" of Israel (Russia) was foretold by God?
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    Khamenei: What’s All This ‘Nonsense’ About Iran Wanting a Nuclear Weapon?

    It's quite simple and obvious-- Khamenei is a liar and deceiver.
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    Saudi Journalist On Cutting Ties to the Palestinians

    Saudi definitely need to sever ties with the Palestines. They are clearly anti-Saudi.. just not anti-Saudi money
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    What are the biblical consequences of Russia invading Ukraine?

    Could this be Putin prepping for the Ezekiel invasion?
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    The West Barks, But the Putin Caravan Moves On

    so the next time I go to the liquor store, I should get either Grey Goose or Skyy??