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  1. Hsmommy

    Mr. Trudeau

    I put this in the politics forum just because Justin Trudeau is, unfortunately a world leader. Not only did he get voted in by a bunch of potheads, now this: Hsmommy
  2. Hsmommy

    I think I’m going to like our new premier.

    We recently got a new a new premier. I think she’s going to upset a lot of people. She’s been in office less than two weeks. I hope she can get these resolutions passed.
  3. Hsmommy

    What’s Up?

    I’m missing some of the sub-forums, notably the prayer section. Do I need to reset something?
  4. Hsmommy

    Covid Lockdown

    We’re going into lockdown again. Although churches are allowed 15% of capacity, both churches I attend have chosen to close. Both have online services. Specifically mentioned in today’s government edict is faith-based gatherings in homes. They are not permitted. It’s not like the government is...
  5. Hsmommy

    Danger to her Family!?!?

    Talk about deceived! Death isn’t jeopardy to her child’s health? “ “The government should be swabbing every woman who has had an abortion in hospital unnecessarily to make sure that they haven’t jeopardized her and her family’s health,” Edgar told Global News.” Here’s the full article...
  6. Hsmommy

    Rapture Ready Site

    Anybody know what’s up with Rapture Ready site? I can’t get it to load.
  7. Hsmommy

    Got quite the shock last night.

    My son & I have been attending what I thought was a Biblically sound church for about 18 months. I thought we were really blessed in that we have (what I thought) were 2 Biblically sound churches to attend. We attend one on Friday nights (we share space with another denomination that has the...
  8. Hsmommy

    I can see where this going. Folks won't even know they're looking at their financials.
  9. Hsmommy

    God used my dog to teach me a lesson.

    Three years ago I sold a dog due to a number of my own health issues. Most of those have since been managed. Truthfully, if I had known then what I know now, I would not have sold the dog. I replaced her with another dog that I had to have euthanized due to cancer (his, not mine). I had been...
  10. Hsmommy

    Scientists & Earthquake Prediction

    I thought this was an interesting read. Scientists are agreeing with the birth pangs. They see them, they feel them. Now they are trying to explain them...
  11. Hsmommy

    Well I'm pleasantly shocked.

    I didn't think anybody dared vote against the gay pride agenda. I don't attend the Anglican Church & I always thought they were pretty liberal. Maybe not as much as I thought. Interesting that it was defeated by only one vote. Well, rats I can't get my iPad to cut & paste the link. Go to global...
  12. Hsmommy

    Has Paris come to Canada?

    Sigh. Way too close to home. Pray for us all. Lorna
  13. Hsmommy

    Hello, glad to be here.

    I see some names I recognize from the other board. You may recognize mine too. I am a born- again Christian. Nobody I know personally believes in prophecy, the Rapture or the times in which we are living. It's good to find like-minded folks. Lorna