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  1. Betty

    It is upsetting

    When Jim Baker got out of prison, it was not long before he announced that God had called him back to the ministry. I was hoping that this time his ministry would not be about raising money but about reaching lost souls. I ran across him two years ago on TV selling food for the famine. Did...
  2. Betty


    First of all, Administrators, if this question is against the rules, please delete it. I do, not want to get banned. I text my Pastor’s wife to let her know I will not be able to be at Church Sunday. She texted me the link to watch Kenneth Copeland. I was shocked. He makes me feel creepy...
  3. Betty


    My sister has been sending me a card every week since my son died, which I appreciate. But today’s card said that if I keep grieving for my son that I am not thinking of my daughter and the rest of my family, I could lose them. She said I am only thinking of my son. This cut me to the core...
  4. Betty

    Christian leaders dropping like flies

    “Max Lucado was invited to speak at the Washington National Cathedral — an apostate Episcopalian Church in Washington D.C. — two weeks ago where he preached a sermon comparing the Holy Spirit to a woman and calling Him the “mother heart of God.” Prior to the invitation, homosexuals were...
  5. Betty


    There is a Bishop thy post every couple of days on Facebook, ”receive your first million in three days” Does this upset you as much as it does me? I do not want to be a millionaire. I just want Jesus to come and take His children home. Until He does I just ask that He helps me with my mind...
  6. Betty

    Question and a prayer request

    As I mentioned in my blog Saturday, I was very upset about a dream I had where did not know where I lived and in the dream, I was extremely upset. Last night I dreamed again that I did not know where I lived. Every since I have been diagnosed with Alzheimer I have prayed that God would come...
  7. Betty


    We have a new neighbors who has gone out of their way to me nice and helpful to us. She is a Christian and not only attends twice a week, but she also sings in the Choir and goes an extra day to Church to orannize the music folders. Today I was shocked when she got upset at her dog and used...
  8. Betty

    Has anyone else thought about this?

    For about a year I have had the feeling that the Goverment is going to place a tax on white people to give to black agendas? I think all this kneeling down to blacks and apologizing to them is getting white Americans conditioned to accept the tax. Betty
  9. Betty

    The Lord’s Prayer

    Being doing a study online for several nights on the Lord’s Prayer. Was shocked tonight when the lady suggested we pray while listening to Beyonce music. Turn the study off immediately. Seriously Beyonce? Betty
  10. Betty

    Pity Party

    Hubby told me about a woman who is a hundred years old and is sharp as a tack. At 67, I struggle with my short time memory. It seems unfair to me. I know God knows best, but it is hard when you are struggling. Betty
  11. Betty

    China takes evil to extreme to make money

    ‘Unmatched Wickedness’: Tribunal Confirms Longstanding Allegations of Organ Harvesting by China June 20, 2019 By Cathy He , Epoch Times The Chinese regime is killing prisoners of conscience and carving out their organs for transplant, a panel of lawyers and experts have found after a yearlong...
  12. Betty


    I am a fan of Blacklist. The concept of the show is a bad guy is given his freedom for information about other bad guys. This week the show was about a man who planed a terrorist act on the United Nation. The criminal was called a Nationalist terrorist. I was shocked. When did it become a...
  13. Betty

    A video I woul like your opinion on

    Link removed for board reasons. It led to a YouTube video that "exposed" an Illuminati conspiracy that is behind the destruction occurring in our Christian nations.
  14. Betty


    Since we moved two years ago, we have been struggling to find a Church home. I found one Church that I loved but the Pastor decided to turn the Church into Unitarian Church. Since then I have bounced from Church to Church. I found one recently that I like, but the Pastor makes me...
  15. Betty


    I grew up praying to Jesus. I have since learned we should pray to God in Jesus Name, but I forget and pray to Jesus. Is that a sin? Betty
  16. Betty

    Forgive me

    Please forgive me for no blog. Long Doctor’s appointment today and in pain since I got home. Cath Scan tomorrow. Betty
  17. Betty


    Does anyone else have to change a word when they write because even spell check is at a lost to help them. I hate that. Spelling has always been bad but since I got over 60, it is even worse. Grrrrrrr Betty
  18. Betty

    Something to look forward to

    Revelation 21:9-27King James Version (KJV) 9 And there came unto me one of the seven angels which had the seven vials full of the seven last plagues, and talked with me, saying, Come hither, I will shew thee the bride, the Lamb's wife. 10 And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high...
  19. Betty

    My Sister's Step Daughter.

    My sister's step daughter when to the emergency room a few days before Christmas. They admitted her and found out she had lung cancer. They told her that she had 12-18 months to live. They sent her to MD Anderson Hospital (cancer hospital). She passed away this morning. I am so mad at the...
  20. Betty

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Hope you have lots of great food tomorrow. Prayers for travel safety. Betty