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  1. Obie

    New Web Site

    I don't know how to quote Joe's post....the very first one. I'm having the same problems with the dates. We do thank you for always trying to make things better for us, but hey, I'm old and my eyes are very bad.
  2. Obie

    Liar In Chief

    Your title almost made me wet my pants..........that is almost my exact email password! I'm very surprised the feds haven't come after me over it.
  3. Obie

    Ferguson mayor expects protests on grand jury

    Juli, such a sweet post. You and your family have such a bounty of spiritual gifts. I don't want to hijack this thread either, but what you have said defines our Lord's birth and all that it means. Thanks, sweet friend.
  4. Obie

    Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and had two kids, new book claims

    Well how interesting. The depth of research boggles the mind, right? I guess the geniuses use for the family tree trace. Y'all are right, we have to pray for these poor souls.
  5. Obie

    Let me tell you about my Friend

    My Friend and I have a special and very close walk with the LORD. I love walking with my Friend because He tells me the most amazing things about myself. When we walk I do a lot of listening because He is just so wise and more up-to-date on all things. Today my Friend gently told me to...
  6. Obie


    Nope, I'm oldest...........send me an old lady present.
  7. Obie

    My wife asked a question

    Love it, love it!!!! Just the kind of sass back I would have said. And, the older I get the freer I feel to make those types of retorts. Seeing you in a new light, buddy!
  8. Obie

    bad weather coming

    I'm in Dothan, AL. Icy rain already closing some roads. My opinion, Alabama just close for about tree days!
  9. Obie


    I agree with Mary's post. Often, Christians think of "performing" miracles as something that will instantly happen. Most miracles I have witnessed come from ardent prayer and waiting for Father to move. Hey, I'm expecting one this week for someone I am praying for!!! Can't wait to praise...
  10. Obie

    In Memory Of.......

    Wonderful post and I'm thankful you shared it with us. You said something that lives in me day and night....."Yes Lord, you can count on me”. That's what I say to Father many, many times. I've told Him that he can count on me to pray for His precious flock. "Yes Lord, you can count on...
  11. Obie

    some type of cyber storm?

    Not sure what this stuff means, any space buffs out there who can explain? 90% chance of geomagnetic storms on Jan. 9th Well, I thought the above was a link. :doh: Miss Ginger can't post a link again, sorry. I must not have copied the address correctly.
  12. Obie


    Wow y'all, I thought everyone had forgotten this old girl. OK..............LET THE SINGING COMMENCE!!!
  13. Obie

    Is it Christian to celebrate Christmas?

    Well, iSong, you started it, finish the of my favorites because of it's blessed message.
  14. Obie

    Is it Christian to celebrate Christmas?

    Yes indeed................exactly what she said. Amen, dear friend.
  15. Obie

    Is it Christian to celebrate Christmas?

    Come worship, come adore our precious Lord Jesus Christ. Come and be glad, come and find peace, love and forgiveness. Come just come and rejoice. Celebrate His birth with much awe and thanksgiving. I never feel so humbled as I do celebrating His miraculous birth. Just thinking of it...
  16. Obie

    Some College Professor Pushing For The Elimination of Term Limits

    :doh: If this happens, shoot me; just come shoot me!
  17. Obie

    Glad to be Back

    Well, welcome back. Hope to read your posts soon. Just jump right in and enjoy!!
  18. Obie

    Fire In The Sky

    Well, that was groaning inducing. But I laughed anyway....LOL....cute.
  19. Obie

    yooohooo, Vicki?

    Can Adrian come out and play? We're missing him.:wave
  20. Obie

    Sometimes You Just Have To Laugh !!!

    Dear Lord have mercy! I almost wet my pants!! Mary, I can't decide if you are just a sweet little Christian lady or the new Lucille Ball of the Church!! We should put you on TV!