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  1. Xyeth

    Has the Shun Begun?

    It's Satan's attempt to further isolate the lost and dying from hearing the Word before it's too late for them but this is causing more people to question what is going on and start looking for answers. Evil always overplays its hand. I believe we are at the last second of the last minute of...
  2. Xyeth

    A question about Salvation Army

    Billy Crone covers the Salvation Army and their beliefs at the bottom of the page below. His whole series, World Religions, Cults and the Occult is excellent and free. Charismatic Chaos - Part 24 -
  3. Xyeth

    William Marrion Branham

    It's mostly fear of losing their Salvation. My family came from the Church of Christ in Kentucky and they were always in fear of that. It turns out that the Church of Christ is a branch off of the 7th Day Adventists and, at least the ones that my family attended, told their followers that THEY...
  4. Xyeth

    William Marrion Branham

    His followers also slept at his grave site since they believed, or more accurately were taught, that he was going to rise again in 3 days. Perry Stone is a HUGE believer in this guy. He even wrote an article in his monthly magazine defending Branham. Stone said that Branham was just slightly...
  5. Xyeth

    Is he a false teacher?

    Most of these cults, of which Islam is one, have a "out of chaos, order" teaching. The Freemason's do as well which most don't regard as a cult or a religion but they are both. I highly recommend Billy Crone's teaching entitled "World Religions, Cults and the Occult" which is totally free to...
  6. Xyeth

    The End of Age— Irving Baxter

    Thanks, glad to be here. One of the things I've noted in my many years of studying false preachers and what they teach is that their eschatology is all messed up. At a minimum, they get the events in Revelation all out of order and don't understand the simple basics of the Bible. Baxter was...
  7. Xyeth

    Is he a false teacher?

    He denied the Trinity and was a Oneness teacher. He passed away on November 3, 2020.
  8. Xyeth

    The End of Age— Irving Baxter

    Irvin Baxter passed away on November 3, 2020 and I'm sure his end wasn't what he expected. Irvin Baxter Teachings Ironically, Irvin Baxter began his search for truth in prophecy when He heard a preacher say that the four beast of revelation were Matthew, Mark, Luke and John...
  9. Xyeth

    NAR watch .....

    Perry Stone is another who preaches the seven mountain mandate but only to certain audiences, typically TBN ones.