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  1. Joe B

    N. Ireland Baker wins case against gay activist.

    There is still some common sense left in the world as the UK's supreme court finds in favour of a Northern Ireland baker who refused to make a cake blatantly supporting gay marriage.
  2. Joe B

    Sky TV

    I have noted that 'Sky' are boldly putting out their own ad stating that they firmly support the LGBT movement - SAD!
  3. Joe B

    Next 5 Weeks

    Just to let you know that I may not be able to frequent our forum as often as I do over the next five weeks. My daughter is having some work done on her home and I have given over my flat to her, my son in law and my two grand children from next Monday, even though the middle week I will be on...
  4. Joe B

    Cannot Believe this!

    I was going to say that the 'silly season' continues but that would be putting it mildly as this is just plain blasphemy!
  5. Joe B

    Laurel & Hardy

    This does not quite qualify as a Christian joke but it really made me laugh. I was watching a program on the lives of Laurel & Hardy and they interviewed Stan Laurel, then into his 70's when he said, 'If anyone has a long face at my funeral, I will never speak to them again!' What a sense of...
  6. Joe B

    John Lewis Stores go gender neutral?

    John Lewis is a major department store group in the UK which has decided to do away with children's boys and girls departments opting instead for a gender neutral single department. This is crazy and I hope that people show their anger with their feet, I certainly will now...
  7. Joe B

    ESPN remove Commentator

    This is the very silly Thread! ESPN have removed a commentator from, I think it was a college football match, because his name was Robert Lee. Apparently they thought his name might cause offence, not sure to who? But it kinda gets worse as he is an Asian American and, of course, we all know...
  8. Joe B

    Peter Skellern

    I don't know if this has already been posted, so my apologies if that is so. Peter Skellern in many ways was a 'one hit' wonder with the song that he wrote 'You're a Lady' in 1972 that reached No.3 in the UK charts and No.50 in US Charts. Certainly brings back memories for me. What I didn't know...
  9. Joe B

    The Circle

    Has anyone read the book, 'The Circle' (Dave Eggers)? It's not a Christian book but deals with a world where the internet quite quickly takes over and controls the lives of everyone. It's very well written and better than that shows you realistically just how fast this could take place and how...
  10. Joe B

    Obamacare - Help Please

    As a Brit I find it very hard to understand all the fuss and statements being made regarding Donald Trump's desire to replace Obamacare with, is it call, 'Medicare'? I know that the only TV media that is pro Trump is 'Fox' and everyone else seems to be embarrassingly anti Trump! Most of you guys...
  11. Joe B

    Church of England Votes to Affirm Transgender People; Top Bishop Says LGBT 'Not a Sin'

    And so the Tribulation draws even closer as Satan will be rejoicing on this news!
  12. Joe B

    Latest Ransomware protection

    Below is the link that shows you how to protect your computer from this new threat:
  13. Joe B

    Something Wonderful

    There is something quite special that I want to share with you all. Those of you who have read my prayer requests know of the serious, painful and even life threatening health problems that I currently have. You may not be aware that, at 70, and prior to all this, I was a very fit, active and...
  14. Joe B

    I'm Back!

    As always with moving there are things that just don't happen as they were planned too. Have had quite a stressful time and my phone and internet which should have been set up 3 weeks ago finally got installed on Tuesday! Still have things to do so won't be around here, as often, just yet...
  15. Joe B


    I will be moving flats on Monday so I will be off line for at least 4 days. Will be with you all in spirit albeit not via the internet!
  16. Joe B

    Wow! Cameron's Easter Message

    Had to post this as these are words that you will not hear from Obama...
  17. Joe B


    Thought that this was a very good article on the coming 'cashless' world which will lead to the mark of the beast.
  18. Joe B

    Archbishop of Canterbury

    It is always worrying and sad when such a prominent church figure feels that he needs to make a statement following the Paris attacks which reads, 'God, why - why is this happening? Where are you in all this?' and then engaging and talking to God. Yes, I doubt.'...
  19. Joe B

    Boris Johnson criticises Israeli boycott

    Always liked Boris Johnson and bless him for having the courage to stand on Israel's side on this issue.
  20. Joe B

    The Pope, 'The Failure of the Cross'!

    Whatever context he thought he was using when he spoke these words, they can only be the words of Satan! I have been praying for God to rescue the Catholic church for some time, especially the pope from his errant ways, but I fear that time is running out for him and sadly for its 1 billion...