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    Coping With Grief: Ten Things You Can Do – (Matthew 5:4)

    Thank you for posting this, when my dad died in Jan 2020, One of the first things I said to myself was that I wasn't going to get mad at God for taking him away from. Long story short my dad disowned me when I was 14 and God reestablished our relationship after 30+ years of there not being one...
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    Psalms 121

    The more of Psalms I read the more I just love that book.
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    Oak Lawn United Methodist- falls to LGBTQ agenga

    We have a local Episcopalian church here that has a LGBTQ+ support group for teens. I was absolutely floored when I heard of it. With a couple of other threads I've read on here this morning it hurts to see churches go to the way of the world.
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    A Prayer of Protection for Husbands

    I use the orange and green foam ear plugs at work. I work on an Air Force flightline and it's pretty loud and busy with all the jets running, taking off and landing. I work with explosives, I know my wife prays for me and my co-workers safety. She has expressed her fears and concerns to me...
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    What Happened to You Today?

    This actually happened yesterday but it was the highlight of my day. I'm not in the military anymore but I still do the same job as I did in military which maintain the ejection seats in fighters. After Hurricane Michael blew through here a few years ago. We've been working in temporary hangers...
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    Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?

    Yesterday we had left over chicken and rice, tonight we're supposed to be have Speghetti.
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    New here - Hi!

    Welcome to RF!
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    Hey y'all

    Oh how I can't wait for that day! No longer will I have to sing I can only imagine way out of tune
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    Does anyone here take astrophotography?

    I want to so bad! I don't have a camera good enough to do it though. I have a Powershot sx10is. I love looking picture like of the milkyway. It just fascinates me. I have a job where I get to see the sunrise every morning and when I do take pictures of it. I usually send it to my wife and my mom.
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    Hey y'all

    I agree James! 99.9% percent of the time my mom and me talk we end up day dreaming about heaven
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    Hey y'all

    Thank you all for the warm welcome! I'm so happy to be here and to learn from and with you all.
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    Hey y'all

    Thank you Mattfivefour. I was given that scripture the day after my dad's memorial service. Jan 28th, 2020. I remember it like yesterday. I have since given that scripture to many people grieving the loss of a loved one.
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    Hey y'all

    Thank y'all. It's great to be here
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    Who do you want to meet in heaven?

    I absolutely love this post! This is the post that I made my mind up on joining. My mom and me quite often talk about all the things we're gonna do in heaven. We already have a plan to meet at the river to take it all in. I jokingly say I want to rassle Michael, but honestly I can't wait to...
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    Hey y'all

    Hey everybody. Just wanted to start out proper and say hi. My mom told me about Rapture Ready when I was in the Air Force in the 90's. I looked at it once in awhile. Then last year I started reading the forums and thought it was about time to become a member and really start enjoying the forum...