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    Is our duty to family ever second to helping others?

    I'm not a conspiracy type but I believe that economic collapse could happen literally any day. When it happens there will be, within a couple of weeks, starving people all over America. Cities with populations over 1 million will almost surely burn. So my question is this... as Christians our...
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    What If?

    The election in 3 days time in Israel looks like it could leave the Left in power. If they in fact take control I suspect Obama will offer them the moon to get them to sign an agreement. What if Iran and the Palestinians and possibly some of the Arab states offered peace and recognition in...
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    Boxer Manny Pacquiao Rejoices in the Lord!

    USA Today | Sports With all the horrible behavior that pro athletes have become known for this was a truly refreshing and uplifting story! Praise God!:thumbup
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    I just finished this audiobook by Noah Beck. It was a really good listen though the ending was a tad confusing. It was about a Dolphin Submarine crew and their struggle over what to do if Israel was annihilated by it's enemies while they were on patrol. It gave me a lot to think about. We...
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    Who are "those that dwell carelessly in the isles"?

    I have heard various commentaries on Ezekiel 39:6 and would like to know the heart of my brothers and sisters here at RF.
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    The Current Secular Take on Creation

    I'm not sure if this is the proper place for this topic but if not please feel free to move it. I am a member on a secular internet message board that discusses many topics including religion and I recently read through a list of a dozen or more excoriations of Creationists - calling them...
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    Luke 19:27 What does it mean?

    I was recently discussing in another forum the story of the Army officer who created and taught a class on total war against Islam. I said that I could agree that the time could come when targeting Mecca and Medina with nuclear weapons might be a strategically sound idea. The conversation...
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    If the Unthinkable Happened, what recourse would we have?

    I've seen about 9 presidential election cycles come and go. It seems that in most of them I've heard folks from one side or the other worry that a sitting president might cause some national emergency and refuse to leave office because of it. I don't think there is a provision for this in the...
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    Israel Agrees to Wait 'til after US Election before deciding on Iran Attack

    I heard this on Fox News at 5:30 am CDT today. If true then Obama looks to be getting his way...again.:doh: I pray it works for the best for Israel, if true.:pray:
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    Driverless Cars

    Cars Without Drivers: Get Ready to See Automated Automobiles on the Open Road - International Business Times It'll give lawyers an income source for years :rolleyes But give a whole new meaning to"I'll send a car for you"
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    Mobile,Alabama here...

    So nice to be among brothers and sisters in Christ. I'm very happy I stumbled on this site :)