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  1. yrrek

    Poll: Biden's approval rating rises to 40%

    It’s probably because of abortion being overturned. They don’t care that they have a potato with dementia for a President. that’s why the dems made such a big deal about it but didn’t really do anything to make a change. I bet they hope it’s enough to keep power.
  2. yrrek

    If Republicans take control in 2022 and 2024, can they turn things around?

    Well I certainly didn’t see row v wade to be overturned and it was. I guess we will see.
  3. yrrek

    Days of Lot vs today

    Well… yea I don’t know anyone who would prefer that abuse but I was just saying that it can be in a different form. And if you think about the abuse… the human trafficking problem filled that gross activity.
  4. yrrek

    Days of Lot vs today

    The response could be in a different form though. If anyone says anything against the lgbt… you are torn apart. They may not be trying to rape your guests but being called homophonic/transphobic if you don’t agree and having them destroy your life is pretty close in my book. Some people lose...
  5. yrrek

    Unwanted Phone Calls!

    I have an app called RoboKiller and it screens my calls. Haven’t had problems since getting it.
  6. yrrek

    Taliban to open high schools for girls next week, official says

    I’m not sure. My friend was from a Muslim family and some of the things expected from a wife was… strange. And where he was from, just getting a Bible was very difficult. If you were caught with one, especially if at one point they were Muslim… It’s a death sentence. Not saying they can’t or...
  7. yrrek

    Annoying people yakking in the theater

    One year we went and a lady brought a newborn. It cried through the whole movie. No… screamed through it all. It was an action movie with lots of loud effects and sudden explosions. It wouldn’t be so annoying if movies weren’t expensive.
  8. yrrek

    Shortages in your area

    Chicken nuggets, the frozen ones. For some reason, dinosaur nuggets are available but normal ones are not.
  9. yrrek

    Taliban to open high schools for girls next week, official says

    It doesn’t say what kind of education. They probably are just teach them Islam and how to be a good wife. I doubt they are being taught the same kind of education as boys.
  10. yrrek

    I need to get this out somewhere.

    They don’t talk to me anymore. We’re not in a bad place or a good place just silence. It’s been peaceful so I plan on keeping it that way.
  11. yrrek

    I need to get this out somewhere.

    Thanks that’s pretty much how I feel. I don’t actually have any guilt. It’s more of an “I should have done that sooner” type of feeling. I will look for the book and try and read it. I started taking some classes so idk how much free reading time I’ll have.
  12. yrrek

    I need to get this out somewhere.

    The situation has in fact changed. They finally went through the process once we gave them a 30 day notice. What was so irritating at the time was that they didn’t even want to try to get a loan. But they did and they actually have a lower payment. It worked out better than I thought it would...
  13. yrrek

    Trump suggests US threaten Putin with nuclear submarine patrols

    Putin is already getting desperate… that is a horrible idea. Poke the bear and we may be blown off the map.
  14. yrrek

    Russian space agency chief threatens to leave U.S. astronaut on space station

    Someone call Elon Musk… I’d trust him to get the man home over Russia.
  15. yrrek

    Are you noticing food inflation?

    Its insane. Potatoes use to be under $3 for a 5lb bag. It’s more like $6 now. Everything is at least a $1 more while also being smaller portions and lots of things are twice the price.
  16. yrrek

    Satan present at the Bema Seat Judgement?

    The bema will be during the tribulation. He will be on the earth giving the ac power. Not to mention… our whole life is written down in Gods books so he wouldn’t need Satan there. It’s already recorded.
  17. yrrek

    I never knew you

    One preacher I listened to said that they were never following. They were only able to do those things because the name of Jesus is above all names and so powerful. They knew of Jesus but didn’t follow him personally.
  18. yrrek

    Saudi Arabia, UAE leaders not returning Biden's calls, disappointed with US - report

    I don’t understand how he got this far. How did people vote for him this long?
  19. yrrek

    Biden to announce ban on US imports of Russian oil

    I use to tease my friend (kindly) because he would dress up and pretend to live in the 1800s… reenacting it I guess. Sometimes he would stay out in the “community” for a whole week. Doesn’t seem so silly now.
  20. yrrek

    Biden Says Don’t Worry About Nuclear War – So Start Worrying

    Well… that’s one way to be out of Bible prophecy. Maybe we will go up as the bombs come down. That would be a good way to explain how we all vanished.