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  1. athenasius

    Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?

    you bet I'll share-- it's a Ninja Foodi XL and it says it's a pressure cooker that crisps the food, but it has an air fryer option called air crisp, it can be a steamer, pressure cooker and slow cooker in one. 10 programmable cooking functions. Oh and it makes yogurt too. I got the 8 quart...
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    What Happened to You Today?

    Soooo now you're back, I was thinking there was some kind of conspiracy that made you change your name earlier. I was imagining something on the lines of you had to go into witness protection and they made you change to your secret identity, and we were all never to call you Andy. Now I take...
  3. athenasius

    UKRAINE WAR: Russia's Saki Air Base Blew Up and No One Knows How

    Goodness gracious what a mystery! Hmmmmmmm Good hunting to whomever did the deed! I guess the ghost of Kiev is at it again!
  4. athenasius

    Mom Fears

    Cheeky my son who is now 41 was ADHD from the start. I had him on a leash to save him from darting into traffic because he had no ability to stop himself from doing whatever came into his extra busy little brain. It didn't stifle him 1 iota. He's the nicest mellow guy you could meet, loves the...
  5. athenasius

    4000 beagles seized from breeding farm

    Heart breaking. Beagles are particularly gentle, and loving among the dog breeds and all dogs are pack animals who bond to us as part of their pack. What a betrayal and travesty. My grandmother was involved in the Toronto SPCA and they had trouble back in the 60s and 70s with beagles and...
  6. athenasius

    Isaiah 17 – An Oracle Concerning Damascus

    @katt asked Can someone point out to me where in Isaiah 17 does it specifically say that Israel is the one that takes Damascus out? I've read and reread that chapter and I just don't see it.. what am I missing? It's in verse 9 here.
  7. athenasius

    JSN and their take on The Magog War..

    Never heard of them, but I do have a concern with anyone who mixes up these wars. I think Chris has an article pinned right here in the Gog Magog section that explains the differences...
  8. athenasius

    Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?

    Yesterday was takeout burgers. It was a dr office day. All good stuff. They've figured out where my thyroid dosage needs to be, so I'm staying somewhere between turtle speed and the old roadrunner cartoon. I'm having less of the arrythmia lately and the cardiologist I saw on Monday seems...
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    What Happened to You Today?

    I am playing around with my Ninja kitchen thingy. I found an air fryer recipe for Italian sausages and peppers on Pinterest that looks like how I do them. Tonight's dinner. Right now I'm more interested in adapting my old faithful recipes-- all really easy --- to the new machine rather than...
  10. athenasius

    U.S. Department of Energy Gives Revolutionary Battery Technology to China

    This Canuck sure isn't laughing at you, I'm crying WITH you! It's insane what the leaders of the former "free" world are doing to their own countries that they vow to protect! Even so come King Jesus! Maranatha! I'm tired of the criminal acts of treason committed openly now by the highest leaders.
  11. athenasius

    After mediating Gaza ceasefire, Egypt’s envoy castigates Israel at Security Council

    Typical. Make nice and suck up to Israel to get benefits, then turn on Israel to get brownie points with their Arab friends and neighbours. Jordan and Egypt do it all the time.
  12. athenasius

    The Mar-a-Lago Raid is a Preview of a Rigged 2024 Election

    Greenfield is right again. This reeks. It's no longer a rigged election that they still deny. Now they've come right out in broad daylight to torture their political opponents. JUST like Putin does!
  13. athenasius

    US ships $1 billion more in rockets, other arms to Ukraine ahead of counteroffensive

    More arms flowing in, mean war will simply spread further and last longer. While the US taxpayer foots the bill.
  14. athenasius

    Another FBI seizure!

    I'm just so horrified that this is happening, and so blatant too. They KNOW the "fix" is in, they can do what they will. Praying that if we are here for a bit longer that God would give them a major wake up call, and ream them right out. I guess it's everywhere now.
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    Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?

    I woke up with enough energy to tackle learning my new kitchen appliance--that Instapot type thingy by Ninja that I got on Friday at Costco. I need to work the wrinkles out -- following their directions for hard boiled eggs yielded a very nice soft boiled egg. Thankfully I was suspicious so I...
  16. athenasius

    Morning Blessings

    AMEN Betty! Thank you for that! :bighug
  17. athenasius

    What Happened to You Today?

    I did battle with my new Ninja XL multi cooker Instapot thingy from Costco. I won! I made 2 hard boiled eggs according to the directions for the machine, and they came out perfectly.......SOFT boiled! Ok, glad I only tried it on 2 not a batch. Need to increase the time from what they said. I...
  18. athenasius

    FBI raids Mar-A-Lago; breaks into Trump’s safe!

    Shocking! In a democracy no less!!! I was horrified to find this news today. I went off line yesterday just before this broke. Sometimes the speed at which we are lurching towards the evil of the final 7 years just takes my breath away.
  19. athenasius

    Russia releases statement condemning Israeli airstrikes in Gaza

    Another signal that Russia isn't happy with Israel. They don't care about the Gaza strip--this is a tit for tat because Israel voted against them in the UN vote a while back about censuring Russia for invading Ukraine.