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    New perspective on forgiveness

    We're all familiar with the usual sermons on forgiveness and why we should forgive others (because we ourselves are forgiven and it is just plain bad for our spiritual health to carry unforgivnesss), but I had an interesting thought about a perspective I hadn't noticed before. So, let's say...
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    Jeremy's Razors

    If you haven't seen it yet, look up the video for Jeremy's Razors. It's the most hilariously anti-woke commercial I think I've ever seen. I will caution you first that it has several bad words in it. It was very politically incorrect.
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    Kid question

    So, my 6 year old asked "Mom, is there air in Heaven?". My response was, "Well, I guess there could be, but we might not need it. Either we can breathe without it or don't need to breathe at all, and God will provide whatever we need." Kid thinks about this for a minute, then asks, "Is there...
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    Progressives advocate for abstinence

    On the site "Not the Bee" (which is a non-satire sister site to the Babylon Bee), there is an article quoting a lot of angry women who are so furious with the state of Texas for forbidding abortions that they're posting Tweets advocating that women refuse sex until it is repealed. (Gee, what a...
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    Biden voted to be held in contempt by Parliament

    Apparently Britain is so disgusted by Biden's handling if Afghanistan that Parliament voted to hold him in contempt. Wow. And not a single major US news outlet will report on that embarrassment.
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    The final rebellion

    So, I had a random thought. There's going to be a final rebellion, at the end of the Millennium kingdom. Satan will be released for "a short time", deceive a great multitude, and lots of people get sent to He'll then the universe is destroyed by fire. Okay, so my thought was on what kind of...
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    Transfer of gifts

    So, I was thinking about how so many unbelievers have been blessed with amazing gifts if talent. Athletic, artistic, etc. Then I was sad at how those gifts would be lost if/when those people die in their unbelief (think of someone like... Isaac Asimov, a famous writer, or Katherine Hepburn, the...
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    Expansion if the Bible.

    Okay, I know that the cannon of Scripture is closed (sorry Mormons!), But I had a speculative thought. Do you think God will add to scripture in the Millennium? Here's my reasoning. The Old Testament was closed about 400 years before Jesus - God had apparently said all He needed to for that...
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    Interesting headline

    Newsweek today (Feb 19, 2021) had the following headline: "Syria wants end to Israel's 'Terrorizing' strikes and Russia, Iran, and Turkey agree" I didn't read the article, but the headline sounds right out of the Bible.
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    Potty training frustration

    So, my nearly 4 year old boy refuses to use the toilet. He absolutely *can* do so (Evey evening before bedtime, I order him to do so and he can do every step himself except get dressed again), but he doesn't want to. He often throws a fit if told to "go potty" and will simply not do so if not...
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    Conservatives leaving twitter and going to Parler.

    In case you use Twitter, which has cracked down hard lately on Conservative voices, a lot of people are fleeing to another site called Parler. I don't personally tweet or follow anyone who does, so can't give a review, but if you want to support this movement, check it out.
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    Michigan allegations: legal claims in layman's term

    If you are interested in hearing a lawyer describe what the Trump legal team is alleging happened in Michigan regarding voter fraud, do a Google search for "Viva Frei: Michigan lawsuit makes serious allegations". It's interesting stuff.
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    So I prayed today to get the chance to share the gospel...

    At work, I prayed for the chance to share the gospel. And that the opportunity would be line a 2x4 to the head (because I'm generally oblivious). And this evening I got some Mormons who came by to chat. I'm very comfortable telling them that the LDS church is bogus and that we are only saved...
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    What about 2021?

    Okay, it's looking like Biden (Harris) will be our next President. Whether they "stole" it or not, this is likely who we're getting. So, 2020 has been a meme-worthy dumpster fire of a year. Let's see.. record breaking fires, locusts, hurricanes, other weather, pandemic, economic turmoil...
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    Theme parks question if guests would accept a Covid "certificate"

    I listen to a podcast "Disney Dish with Ken Testa", and he read aloud a questionnaire from a theme park, sent to guests that dealt with how people felt about Covid. Some of the questions were things you might expect ("How safe do you feel going to a theme park" type of questions), however, what...
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    Hamilton musical

    I just saw this! (On Disney+, not live) and was impressed. So wanted to know if other people have seen it and what they thought. Overall, loved it, but here's my review: My first impression was kind of negative - it started with a rap (or maybe hip hop?) song and I had a hard time adjusting my...
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    Who's gonna win?

    So my husband has been getting down in the weeds of how polling works and who is likely to win. Apparently, statistically, democrats are huge early voter and mail-in ballot voters. That's been true for years and years. So in elections, democrats always look like they're winning in the early days...
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    Flu cases down 95%

    So, according to the CDC, the number of Flu cases are down 98% from last year. So, the question is, why? There are two trains of thought. The first is that in all our efforts to prevent Covid, we've inadvertently made it much harder for the flu virus. The masks, social distancing, etc. Are...
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    What do people think about the Psalms and years connection?

    So, I recently ran across someone talking about the idea that Psalms represent years, starting in 1900. As far as I can tell, this is what the idea is: Psalms is the 19th book of the Bible, and each chapter is a (loose) prophecy for the year. So, as an example, the chapters of 39-44 are focusing...
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    A "cyborg" experience

    So I follow Disney Park blog news for fun and normally it's articles you'd expect (new ride rumors, food reviews, etc), but today I saw one that I thought people here might be interested in. A couple of people apparently practice implanting chips in themselves. The guy who wrote the article was...