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  1. Katie8758

    Re Posting My Journey to Christ

    That mustard seed of faith was enough to where God removed the blindfold <3 And isn't it amazing to think about how God always knew that was going to happen? Made me tear up :) Thank you for sharing! I'll see you at the feast (I'll be the one who started the food fight, lolol)
  2. Katie8758

    Someone tried to blow up the Georgia Guidestones last night

    Okay let me take a second to try to muster up some pity for the people who lost their stupid demonic rocks. **squints eyes while clenching fists** Nope, sorry. I tried.
  3. Katie8758

    Abortions can resume in Texas after judge blocks pre-Roe v. Wade ban

    This place, this world is pure evil!!! What the crap. No wonder the Bible says ENDURE until the end. It feels like every day, everywhere i look my patience is being tested. Lord knows I need His strength to keep my mouth from poppin' off and giving my guardian angels a whole lot of guarding to...
  4. Katie8758

    Thousands of Democrats Chant ‘Hail Satan’ during Supreme Court Protest

    It looks like only one girl yelled "hail s*t**". Regardless though, she will surely have to answer for that one. And can i just take a moment to applaud the one solitary Christian woman out there taking them on? Her courage truly is a gift of God and I am so inspired by her strength.
  5. Katie8758

    Supreme Court Overturns Roe vs. Wade

  6. Katie8758

    Drag Queen Pastors Miss Penny Cost

    Imagine a place with no light, and you are completely alone. The only thing you have left are your thoughts. Those thoughts consist of how you just met the absolute love of your life, whom you love deeper and harder than you ever thought possible because He is true love Himself. But, you had...
  7. Katie8758

    Be Careful what (or who) you wish for ...

    He's already here, just-a-kinging like a king boss. He's just doing it all stealth-like until He decides He's ready to deliver a smackdown.
  8. Katie8758

    US scientists to open crystals that may hold 830-million-year-old living organisms

    Nope. Do not open that!! Lol. I don't want to be in lockdown over the new salt liquid squidpox
  9. Katie8758

    Who do you want to meet in heaven?

    Now you guys have me wondering how we are gonna ride these horses while wearing long robes. I mean, do we all just hike our robes up to throw a leg over, or?? Lol!!
  10. Katie8758

    Who do you want to meet in heaven?

    RIGHT!!!!!???!!!! Lolol!!!!!! You know that was a thing! Haha!!
  11. Katie8758

    Who do you want to meet in heaven?

    I want to talk to Jesus' half-siblings and ask them if they battled an inferiority complex. Gotta be tough when your older brother was always perfect, lolz! And then i want to pet a T-rex, but only shortly after i give skydiving a try. Because skydiving in heaven will be so much more awesome...
  12. Katie8758

    Fifteen Slain, Mostly Kids, in Mass Texas School Shooting

    Can't explain the feelings i am having putting my kindergartener and 2nd grader to sleep tonight :( Trying to find a bit of comfort in reminding myself that God is always in control, and the days of their lives were all written beforehand. This evil will be turned into good, in God's good...
  13. Katie8758

    Hubble detects "something weird" is going on in the universe and it can't be explained with modern physics.

    'Something weird' is going on with our universe: Hubble detects changes in the rate of expansion that cannot be explained by current physics Something weird' is going on with how our universe is expanding and it cannot be explained by current physics, NASA has revealed. Data from the Hubble...
  14. Katie8758

    Literal chariots and horses?

    With these gas prices, literally riding horses instead may be more and more likely, lol!!!
  15. Katie8758

    Putin quoted Jesus to justify invasion

    During a pro-war rally in Moscow on Friday night, Russian President Vladimir Putin invoked the words of Jesus Christ in order to justify his invasion of Ukraine. Moscow police said more than 200,000 people attended the rally, Al Jazeera reported. Polling shows that a majority of Russians...
  16. Katie8758

    Everyone Wants to Rule the World

    Can i just say.....i will be absolute crap at the whole co-reigning, judging angels, etc thing. All answers and judgements will be immediately deflected right back to Jesus accompanied by a look of "uh-uh, not me, nope you do it". I love the last sentence of this article though, lol! Gets me...
  17. Katie8758

    $1 million bounty on Putin offered by Russian businessman

    I mean, did he just wake up one day and think "I'm rich and bored, and season 2 of squid game isn't out yet. Let's spice things up a bit and put a bounty on Putin just to see which of the two of us gets knocked out first".
  18. Katie8758

    Putin puts Nuke Forces on alert

    The Russian troops were deceived and lied to. They were not told they were going to war, they were told the Ukrainians would welcome them and they were going there to be "peacekeepers". Well who does that sound like. The father of lies and deceit, and his calling card is to cover up those...
  19. Katie8758

    How long until the Rapture?

    My mind keeps going back to that tribe i the Sentinel islands, the sentinelese. They are completely cut off from the outside world, they only speak their own language and nobody else can get close enough to their island to communicate with them without being killed on-sight. This tribe even...
  20. Katie8758

    Report: Russia Gives Ukraine Terms of Surrender

    I just read about how ukraine is not allowing men of fighting age to leave. My tired and salty self can't stop wondering where the uproar is from the lgbtq community for not including all possible genders.