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    Supreme Court sides with coach who sought to pray after game

    Good. The whole idea that a man can't pray outside of his official work time was an egregiously bad judicial ruling and I'm glad to see the Supreme Court bring in a little common sense.
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    Thousands of Democrats Chant ‘Hail Satan’ during Supreme Court Protest

    And Satan was probably happily right there soaking up the praise. But this short moment of "victory" for him and the short moment of defiance from the people pales in light of God's eternal victory and Glory. The current situation is both sad and disgusting (and, frankly so illogical that it...
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    The News and the Good News

    I had to pass the joke along. For my falling-apart mini van, this might actually be a true assessment of value.
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    Two actors dead, six wounded in California car wreck

    This is different from "The Chosen", right? Because from the description, it sounds like a reincarnation thing, not a Biblical thing. That's not to say that the accident isn't a tragedy. My condolences to the families affected.
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    Biden requiring transgender school bathrooms for federal lunch funds

    I get to homeschool my kids for the first time this coming year, and I'm sooo excited! Every time I hear of things like these coming down from "on high", I'm so glad we won't have to deal with it. My sister's kids are in public school and some of the comments from the high schooler are just...
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    Where are the ten horns?

    I agree, the 10 kingdom situation has to be before the AC shows up. But I don't think itll be long before (days, weeks, months?), then the AC springs up "out of nowhere". So, depending on what kind if gap between the Rapture and the Trib there is will dictate whether we're here to see the 10...
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    The Baby Formula Nightmare

    I couldn't breast feed. I tried, but couldn't produce enough milk (like after the first week, I could make only about an ounce per hour), baby was constantly crying, I was constantly trying to feed him, and it was miserable. So doctor told me to use formula and it was such a relief. If I had a...
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    Colonizing Mars could be dangerous and ridiculously expensive. Elon Musk wants to do it anyway

    I agree - this won't happen before Jesus returns. But in the Millennium... I think there's a decent chance. After all, if God changes the rules so that our own planet is "more livable", removing the curse, what's to say He won't make space more livable too? And humans will be more robust, and...
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    Rapture/Tribulation almost simultaneous?

    I would tend to put the start of the Trib as very close to the Rapture, as the purpose of the Rapture is to get us out of the way before it can start. But I also think there are things that need to be in place before the Trib can begin that aren't there yet (such as a 10 king world govt), which...
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    What We Can't Not Know

    That final sentence - people who get their "portion in this life"... what an awful eternity. They only recieve any good things now, and in a few short, miserable years, the good things are spent and gone, never to be received again. I just think on how horrible this life is and yet this is as...
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    The Fullness of the Gentiles

    I liked that this article gave a solid interpretation of the 153 fish. I believe Harold Camping used this number to calculate his false Rapture date, and this here is a way to view it without the date setting problem.
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    Fig tree generation

    Ah, that makes sense. Thank you for clarifying.
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    Are there carnal Christians?

    The principle of eternal rewards, based on our deeds and faithfulness is a great example of how Christians can be carnal or spiritual, I think. The carnal Christan has deeds that are burned up, worthless, but they themselves are saved. God doesn't kick kids out of the family for sin, even...
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    PR Giant Tells Corporate Clients to Stay Silent on Abortion, ‘No-Win’ Situation

    These may be very liberal companies, or very conservative, but it wouldn't make financial sense for them to take a stand one way or the other and lose money. I totally agree with TT above - companies should keep their noses out of issues like these.
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    Fig tree generation

    Wait, it's May 14th?....checks calendar.... I'm confused.....
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    Senate To Vote On Abortion Bill Amid Supreme Court, State Attacks—Even Though It’s Doomed To Fail

    Nice thought, just because they "can't " doesn't mean they WON'T. There are a whole host of things the Fed govt has got its sticky fingers into that technically they have no right to do. A little bit here, a little bit there, and before you know it, they've amassed quite the power base in the...
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    The Tin-Foil Hat Brigade

    Well, I guess there's a reason that a special crown is given to those who long for Jesus's return - it's because it is an uncommon trait! But one God values.
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    Pope Francis Abandons Christ’s Cross to Appease Muslims

    A "true believer in the Catholic church", huh? Well, unless you are a true believer in Jesus, you aren't going to see Heaven. So, just to be clear, here's the good news: Jesus paid for ALL your sins on the cross (not just a subcategory of sin). You don't have to do a single thing as penance...
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    Elon Musk Launches Hostile Takeover of Twitter

    LOL the White house issued a statement about their concern about "misinformation" on social media. Strange how they weren't concerned about the information found on Twitter yesterday.
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    Elon Musk Launches Hostile Takeover of Twitter

    Elon Musk is very concerned that humans will kill themselves before spreading to other planets (which he views as essential to "save" the human race). I look at him as a typical unsaved human who has no hope, and is deceived, and is pushing his own agenda and "doing what us right in his own...