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    Fareed Zacharias' latest attack on Republicans

    I wont give CNN extra advertisement, and name the title of the 'Fareed Zacharias Special', but supposedly it is tonight. The gist of the 'special' is that 50 to 80 percent of Republicans are unhinged, follow Trump and are traitorous {Keep fading to january 6th crowds running like mice...
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    Christian Armenia signs treaty with Azerbaijan

    I post no link because of how easy it is to google it. This is another example of a Judeo/Christian territory being forced to hand over territory to the muslims. 900 years ago when the Seljuk Turks first entered the area they genocided hundreds of thousands of Armenians, reducing the Armenians...
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    We are all descended from Noah

    I didn't see anywhere else to post this so I put it here. I find the accounts in Genesis amazing. The Jewish annalls and traditions in the targums and even Islamic tradition of the Hadithas give up info as to what these descendants of Abraham have retained. The 'Abraham Accords' treaty between...
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    Prophecy of Zechariah

    I was just wanting to comment on the end times prophecies in Zechariah, a very interesting book of the Bible. I have to point out, this is my interpretation. I'll start off with a piece of Zech 5: Zechariah 5:5-11, King James Version Verse 5 "Then the angel that talked with me went forth, and...
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    The USA in Prophecy

    Lots of folks dont believe the USA, the major power in these times, is in the Bible. I believe that it is in the book of Daniel. The USA seems to be the "King of the South" versus the anti-christ as "King of the North". If you look at a map, I'm a truck driver, ex-sunday scool teacher at a...