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  1. A Girl Named Shawn

    Image of what Jesus coming....

    As for the world immediately after we're gone, (besides the car and plane crashes we've all considered already), I believe that a lot of house fires will break out from people's stoves and ovens on, and the cooking going on and on, un-attended. I think fires will be the biggest issue, outside...
  2. A Girl Named Shawn


    Thank you everyone for your warm welcome. :howdy
  3. A Girl Named Shawn


    Hello everyone. I'm new here but praise the Lord, have been saved (accepted Christ as my personal Savior) since I was a small girl. I was blessed to live in a born again household and was taught about the Rapture when I was still a kid in Sunday school, and my mom taught me from Hal Lindsey's...
  4. A Girl Named Shawn

    Are We Approaching The End Times?

    His coming feels so close that I worry now when I have to cook! I turn that knob on the stovetop and wonder if I will cause the house to burn down when I disappear. Not that the house matters, of course. I won't need the house! But I worry about my poor pets! I hate the idea of them...