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  1. SafReb

    The Real Common Trait Behind the Mass Shooting in Boulder...Is Something You Probably Already Know

    It is interesting how every time there is shooter, the media and the officials start selecting certain communities that have been affected. They even hide or delete any data that disagrees with their narrative. The perfect example is the Atlanta shooting. It had nothing to do with 'white...
  2. SafReb

    Insane - Lil Nas X are releasing shoe dedicated to satan.

    We known lot of things the through God's Word. For example you mention the love of oneself being Satanism. This is confirmed in Genesis 3:5 when the serpent said to Eve "for God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and...
  3. SafReb

    Insane - Lil Nas X are releasing shoe dedicated to satan.

    I refuse to watch any Christian media or others that produce these shows.
  4. SafReb

    Insane - Lil Nas X are releasing shoe dedicated to satan. is normalising the spirit of the antichrist. This is has been happening for long time in heavy metal and rap music videos for years, but it is has now gone mainstream like tv programmes. More and more, we will see these blasphemous actions as the day draws near. It is hard to...
  5. SafReb

    Jamaican Central Bank Digital Currency to Pilot this May

    The announcement of “no new taxes” received the loudest applause in Parliament on Tuesday; however, the most transformative and innovative policy announcement was the piloting of Jamaica's digital currency. This pilot was first scheduled for 2020, but must have been delayed because of the onset...
  6. SafReb

    Red heifer

    No need to feel embarrassed, we are all here to learn and share. :)
  7. SafReb

    Today (March 25, 2021) Pope Francis Has Committed Utter Blasphemy

    But one thing you can be sure of is their teachings and this is reflected in whatever comes of their mouth especially the hierarchy.
  8. SafReb

    Today (March 25, 2021) Pope Francis Has Committed Utter Blasphemy

    Its not just Mary. For over 2000 years they have distorted the bible, devalued our Lord and have led many astray, and sadly many have gone to hell because of them. Their teaching is a doctrine of demons. Thankfully, teachers like Dave Hunt and Mike Gendron have exposed this evil system. This is...
  9. SafReb

    Today (March 25, 2021) Pope Francis Has Committed Utter Blasphemy

    The whole belief system of RCC is blasphemous.
  10. SafReb

    Red heifer

    It is not Trump unless you believe he is the Antichrist. It is only the Antichrist, from the Revived Roman Empire, as it was when the second temple was destroyed in AD70, that will facilitate the building of the Temple.
  11. SafReb

    UK Anti-protest Police Bill 'that would make a dictator blush' passes Commons vote

    Many of the MPs are in favour of the legislation, though some were "unhappy" with the sections cracking down on protest. And I had trouble finding any articles that has done any proper research or expressed outrage, just muted generic reporting. Unbelievable! The Labour party are using Sarah...
  12. SafReb

    He (AC) will change the times and seasons

    I've always wondered about this too. The scripture clearly points to a specific time scale: He shall speak pompous words against the Most High, Shall persecute the saints of the Most High, And shall intend to change times and law. Then the saints shall be given into his hand For a time and...
  13. SafReb

    - Friend of the Lonely –

    Thank you for this!
  14. SafReb

    A secret ten-nation confederacy?

    The EU nations forming European Intervention Initiative The European Intervention Initiative (EII/EI2) is a French-led initiative set out by President Macron in September 2017 as part of his vision for a “sovereign, united and democratic Europe”. The Initiative was first proposed by French...
  15. SafReb

    President of Tanzania – The second Covid coup?

    President John Magufuli’s disappearance makes him potentially the 2nd “Covid denier” head of state and he has now died of heart complications. Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli has died at the age of 61, the government announced on Wednesday. Announcing his death in a live television...
  16. SafReb

    Biden’s COVID Relief Bill, Obamacare & Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel

    They use these words just to lure people. Control, tyranny and power is their game, and the instigator is the original rebel. They deceive people by promising a "better way" (garden of utopia) just as the enemy lured Eve from the garden where they enjoyed God's presence, their action left...
  17. SafReb

    Bill Gates lobbied member states of the WHO to accept him as a member state instead he enjoys full immunity

    CORY Bernardi, a presenter on Sky News Australia, has a problem. In a recent broadcast he confessed he has difficulty with organisations that start with the term ‘world’. You know – the World Food Programme, the World Meteorological Organisation, the World Tourism Organisation, even the World...
  18. SafReb

    Biden’s COVID Relief Bill, Obamacare & Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel

    The individual most responsible for reviving Obamacare and the associated “Independent Payment Advisory Board” of cost-effectiveness “experts” under Joe Biden is the same figure who crafted the original Affordable Care Act in 2009. “The ill-conceived `love of thy neighbor’ has to disappear...
  19. SafReb

    Microsoft filed a patent for a cryptocurrency system linked to body activity data

    We should not underestimate or trivalise all the technical / economical mass surveillance being proposed. But we should be concerned about the ID2020 because it relates to the UN goals that includes the banking and health sector. We are moving towards a totalitarian state of the world. This...
  20. SafReb

    Bible scroll fragments among dazzling artifacts found in Dead Sea Cave of Horror

    Parts of books of Nahum and Zechariah, world’s oldest woven basket, 6,000-year-old mummified child, Bar Kochba Revolt coins among stunning finds from daring Judean Desert rescue op In a stunningly rare discovery, dozens of 2,000-year-old biblical scroll fragments have been excavated from Judean...