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    China halts military, climate dialogue with US over Pelosi Taiwan trip

    The only thing China does with ANY agreement is use it as a starting point of their next theft, lie, cheat, leverage, or grab. The Chinese communists are the best at piracy in the world. They have grown their countries wealth and power on the backs of slave labor and the thefts of the world's...
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    Catholics praying to Mary and the saints yet still claim to be Christians

    I am fine with being anathema in their eyes. It's just not important. I know Jesus! He's my Savior and King. The day that all of this drops away and fades from sight is coming. Trumpet and shout, I'll fly away. My Lord in the clouds receiving his bride by the Father's command. Holy, perfect...
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    Robot dog outfitted with machine gun in Russia brings us closer to real-life ‘Black Mirror’

    This reminds me of the time I took my dog named Shark to the beach. That wasn't a good idea either. Jeff
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    Democrats including Pressley, Omar, Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib arrested at abortion rights rally outside Supreme Court

    That might have been the stupid move that gets this idiot gone. Way too obvious and just plain weird. She has a bright future in the soap operas. Jeff
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    How much of a gamechanger is Russia’s new potential space laser for US, Israel? - analysis

    They are going to be wiping with corn cobs in Russia soon. If they build a laser device that powerful it's going to be a unicorn for show. Jeff
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    Putin to visit Iran next week

    All Vlad has to do is give Iran 1 nuke. He would achieve a global shift away from his tantrum in Ukraine. It does not even have to be a very big one. He'd also be able to keep his control device as a backup. Iran would be giddy. Israel's plan would kick off. Then the domino's will fall. Jeff
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    'Impossibly Stupid': US Farmland Was Just Sold to a Chinese Firm and There's a Big Problem With Its Location

    Whatever lever the Chinese have on biden must be so strong that they have effectively taken control. We must change.....soon. Jeff
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    What does using force against Iran ‘as a last resort’ mean for the US? - analysis

    This fool Biden, and his whole "D" team full of inexperienced dweebs are not going to do not going to do anything in time to stop Iran. Have you ever been to a restaurant or public get-together that was attended by lefties with children? Do you remember the warnings that never came for their...
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    ‘This is Biden’s last chance to stop Iran from getting the bomb’ - Steinitz

    Biden is going to do/think/say whatever the handlers tell him. Just interpret your best guess of what the new world order club would spew and you'll be close. You know why he fell off the bike a couple of weeks ago? The hand slipped out of the puppet. Jeff
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    Biden signs executive order on abortion, declares Supreme Court 'out of control'

    Biden has the triple crown typical of apex fools. Ignorance, corruption and evil intent. He must go. This is over the top stupid. The only executive order he could sign that I would like would be an EO making Joe Biden illegal. Jeff
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    Blinded From the Light of the Gospel

    SkyRider, "It can't be that simple" is exactly why and how Rome keeps people slaves of religion. They want people to fear the immense and complex puzzle that only Rome can tame. So many times I've come to the point in expressing the gospel message to someone and get the feeling that they just...
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    NASA accuses China of intent to take over the moon, China rejects

    Glad to help the citizens of Earth. :elvis
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    NASA accuses China of intent to take over the moon, China rejects

    It's mine! Too late China! Ha ha. For I have claimed it! Neener neener Jeff
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    'Biblical' swarms of giant crickets ravage western US crops

    Mormon crickets don't come to my door any more. The JW roaches are still pests once in a while. There was a quarter moonie out the other night though. I apologize. Jeff
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    Building the Third Temple

    I know the Jews will see the third temple as valid but until Jesus dedicates it I'm not getting on that bandwagon. If prophecy says it's blessed and fully empowered again to function as the ritual requirement of Judaism I must have missed that somehow. Jeff
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    Catholics praying to Mary and the saints yet still claim to be Christians

    Simply put, if your trying to spiritually communicate with someone other than Jesus then you are in violation of Gods rules in Deuteronomy. All the fancy-pants theology in Rome can't splain that away. We are not under "the" law but the fundamental and essential guidelines explained throughout...
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    Catholics praying to Mary and the saints yet still claim to be Christians

    The Catholic church depends upon a crowd that has an attitude of submission to their claims of authority. A crowd that stays within the formula that had been devised over centuries and will not question that formula. Many Catholics will read up on the common anti-protestant arguments without...
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    Catholics praying to Mary and the saints yet still claim to be Christians

    I've said this directly to my Catholic wife. I told her that the Lord would decide where the " line" was. Was her faith in her membership in a religion enough? Was her faith in following rituals, attending mass, EARNING grace through sacraments, DOING penance, praying decade after repetitive...
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    Pentagon considers using SpaceX for fleet of militarized Starships

    I want to reconfigure a deflector dish to emit a tachyon beam that peels a space monsters tentacles off my ship just in time to avoid crashing into a black hole. Maybe this is my shot! Jeff
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    Catholics praying to Mary and the saints yet still claim to be Christians

    Also, I wanted to add that the sacrifice offered by the priest during a mass is by definition (CCC) The one same sacrifice that Christ offered on calvary. They just re-present that sacrifice. It's just a way of side stepping the once for all problem. The time and space issue doesn't seem to...