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  1. PortWen

    Russia, Iran, and Turkey Forming a Biblical Alliance

    It is exactly how I was as a young adult…wanting to live life first. I remember in 1997 I was pregnant with my first baby and my Dad, who was wildly excited for the rapture and convinced it was about to happen, told me Jesus was coming on Rosh Hashana that year, three months before my due date...
  2. PortWen

    Dutch Farmers Rise Up against the Elite: ‘They Are Manufacturing Global Food Shortages’

    And if you manage to see some of the videos of those protests in the Netherlands, before they’re removed from the internet, you’ll see the police shooting at the farmers close range, and setting dogs on them and holding the farmers down so the dogs can bite them…the evil is open and outrageous...
  3. PortWen

    Asylum seekers causing havoc in Europe.

    The mass media is not reporting on the violence and destruction that illegal migrants and asylum seekers are causing around Europe. A report on YouTube titled It Happened Again, by Paul Joseph Watson, highlights some recent uprisings in Italy. (edited link to video out so you’ll have to go look...
  4. PortWen

    Boris Johnson travels to Kyiv to meet with Zelenskyy

    Me too….Nothing about this war makes sense…and all these global leaders who keep visiting a country at war….hmmm…what’s that all about?
  5. PortWen

    Almost 1 Million Egg-Laying Chickens in Iowa and 2.75 Million Chickens in Wisconsin to be Culled as Deadly Bird Flu Spreads Across the

    Yes exactly. Here in the U.K. we’ve also had this same bird flu issue, so much so that since a few days ago, free range eggs are no longer available…due to the placing of the chickens indoors because of the bird flu. It’s certainly looking like the beginning of shortages and my bet is that it’s...
  6. PortWen

    Zelensky will not be nominated for Nobel Peace Prize - TASS

    He shouldn’t be. There are far too many unanswered questions about the source of his wealth, his membership of the WEF, his ties to Klaus Schwab, George Soros and other global elites…something truly smelly going on there. All is not as it’s portrayed in the main stream media. Lies and deceptions.
  7. PortWen

    Literal chariots and horses?

    I agree with you…and I find the more I take the Bible literally, the easier it is to understand. For the life of me, I can’t fathom why people struggle so much with a literal understanding of things. On a more humorous note, yesterday I saw a meme on Instagram which made me chuckle…”The gas...
  8. PortWen

    The Precedents for the Rapture

    And I’ll add…that we, the Church, will reign with Him….not just the Jews.
  9. PortWen

    Living in the Last Days: A Practical Guide

    I agree 100% in keeping my head down and staying ‘under the radar” as much as I can.…..yes, this world is not my home and I am not going to get caught up in protests etc. But I could not keep quiet about a topic such as evolution, not if it meant denying that God created everything. What I do...
  10. PortWen

    Living in the Last Days: A Practical Guide

    Me too. I watched a video yesterday of the police confronting a man on a train in London, for not wearing a face covering. one of the officers screamed and got verbally abusive in a way I have never seen before - (worse than anything I saw during the lockdowns last year where defenseless middle...
  11. PortWen

    Climate Change Covenant?

    In his sermon series on the book of Daniel, Dr Andy Woods gives a clear explanation of who ”the many” is…it’s Israel…not a bunch a gentile nations. Here is an excerpt from the sermon which specifically addresses this portion of Daniel 9:27: “Notice again what verse 27 says, “And he” antichrist...
  12. PortWen

    Climate Change Covenant?

    I don’t think the Antichrist’s 7 year treaty has anything to do with climate change. Daniel’s prophecy specifically refers to the Jews. The breaking of the covenant midway through the 7 years, and the desecration of the temple and the stopping of the sacrifices must point to some kind of...
  13. PortWen

    The Big Apple Goes to the Rats

    Today is one of those days where all I’m seeing as I read online is evil, evil and more evil. It’s brought me to tears a few times. Soul destroying stuff. Time to retreat from the internet, open my Bible and hide in the shadow of the Almighty.
  14. PortWen

    The Leader is Building a Fence

    I also struggle with wanting the people who are causing this evil chaos to suffer and be held accountable for their actions. Time and time again I have to read and reread Psalm 37 and Psalm 94, in prayer. And force myself to actually pray for these people. And ask God to give me a heart of...
  15. PortWen

    Haiti gang demands $17 million for release of kidnapped missionaries

    They will indeed bring their culture with them…as did the Somalian Muslim here in the U.K. who murdered one of our MP’s last Friday. I’m sure there are very evil reasons behind this influx of migrants.
  16. PortWen

    I Still Believe in Jesus’ Imminent Appearing

    You’re not alone in your discouragement, and that’s one of the reasons it’s good to be here on the forums to be encouraged and lifted up. I also need reminders. Will pray for you. x :)
  17. PortWen

    This Rapture Resistance

    I’m in the UK, in the south east, have no church to go to and am totally on my own as a believer…I know not even one other Christian. The last church I attended here was in 2014….local Baptist…and I left after a long chat with the pastor and discovering he was amillennial and a rapture denier...
  18. PortWen

    Is It Important That the Holy Spirit Is a Person?

    Back in 2008, the morning after Obama won the election, I woke up with a heavy, anxious feeling in my heart. Even though I am not in the USA, I felt deeply that his election had dark implications for the entire world. Don’t know why I felt that way as I am not a political person, at all, but I...
  19. PortWen

    Feds to Americans: Expect your heating bills to soar big-time this winter — as much as 54%

    And hot water bottles…nothing as cozy as snuggling under a blanket with one. Very toasty. :)