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    Another one bites the dust.

    Former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick Criminally Charged with Sex Abuse In this Nov. 14, 2011 file photo, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick prays during the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' annual fall assembly in Baltimore. Recent revelations of sexual misconduct and cover-up in the U.S...
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    Trump to speak!

    Go directly to the White House website. President Trump will speak directly to the country. Jeff
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    Frannie’s Communist Encyclical (Manifesto)

    The encyclical is the authoritative pronouncement from the Roman Catholic Church. In an encyclical it is believed that the pope is speaking in his authority as Christ’s representative on earth on a subject of great moral gravity. In his latest encyclical Pope Francis spoke about the failure of...
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    The Fope knocks nationalism

    In a recent statement about his globalist hopes, Fope Francis made the following statement. “The perverse logic that links the possession of weapons to human and personal security must be dismantled,” Francis said. “This logic only serves to increase the profits of the industry of war, it...
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    He is Risen

    All my hope is in my risen Lord Jesus. He is risen. Jeff
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    Earthquake Idaho

    Just got rattled. No damage. But it was long. We are getting ready to fly. Jeff
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    The Israel bet.

    After another long discussion about the importance of prophecy, I was ready to just walk away from the conversation. There was no way I could crack the ice that was surrounding their brain. Afterwards I asked the Lord to help me know how and when to fight the battles that would bear fruit. My...
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    A graph of the “Falling Away”

    This is an article from the Wall Street Journal. Their study was about values. I feel it means more than that. Jeff
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    Pope Says “no Proselytizing “ Francis does it again. Silly Pope. Pope Sillious Maximus. Jeff
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    Iran has fired missiles on Israel.

    Headline on Drudge. Attack on northern Israel. 20 missiles, some interceptions . Limited damage. Israel has fired back. This was a direct attack from Iran. They didn't use their proxies as usual. This was Iran's response to Israeli raids. Jeff
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    Pope declares there is no Hell He will try to dodge it but it is getting hard for even nominal RC's to believe in this nut Jeff .
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    Millennial generation of Jews have an interesting belief

    This I found to be encouraging and worth figuring out how many this might be in numbers. If anyone knows the demographics of Israel it might be fun to see. Jeff
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    I'm still here! We survived the eclipse!

    Beautiful, and truly awsome, is all i can say. We watched from home and as it approached we spoke of the joy found only in being a child of God. No shadows within His love, pure and total. Thank you Jesus, Creator and King. Jeff
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    Volcano activity is up worldwide.

    The Costa Rican people are getting nervous. Look up, the time is near. Jeff
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    For fans of the musical "South Pacific"

    Ever since the release of the FBI's letter concerning Anthony Wiener's computer, I've had the most annoying song stuck in my head. Remember Bloody Mary and the song the sailors sang to her? Well, replace " Bloody Mary" with Tony Wiener. Now it can be stuck in your head too! I'm so sorry. Jeff
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    Saeed is FREE!!!

    Just saw it on a Drudge link!! Part of the sanctions lifting process. Washington Post source.
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    Cyborgs are what they are calling it! Saw this on the news. I don't care much for yahoo news but it was linked from Drudge. Not really news to us but it shows the tech development and integration of the technology into more and more. Jeff
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    Another RR member

    I go by Xenosjeff. Xenos can mean a foreign traveler. That is certainly how I feel here in the world. Just a brief history, I am a former Roman Catholic. I have been free for about 15 years now. Thank God. I hung out in apologetics for the most part at RR. Good to see so many familiar...