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    What Happened to You Today?

    I still live in northern Ohio near the lake. We live in the snow belt and get a decent amount of snow each year. I’ve lived here nearly all my life and I don’t mind the snow too much (especially since I now work from home). I like sitting in front of the fireplace on those days. My wife is...
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    Same-Sex Marriage Bill Aims ‘to Crush Anyone Who Opposes Belief in Gay Marriage’: Senator

    He is retiring. So he will vote for it and leave. I am not sure about the Republican candidate that won in the primary. I know that Trump endorsed him, but I think he may be a RINO as well. Need to do some more research.
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    Same-Sex Marriage Bill Aims ‘to Crush Anyone Who Opposes Belief in Gay Marriage’: Senator

    Doesn’t surprise me that Dave Joyce is on that list. He is the RINO for my district. Tried to get him voted out in the primary, but sadly he won. I am positive that our RINO senator (Portman) will vote for this.
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    Midterm Machinations

    I agree. From what I can see all the Reps that won primaries in my state are RINOs. The Governor is for sure. We had a chance to get a real conservative during the primary, but he won by a landslide. Had opportunity to get rid of our RINO rep for my district, but he won the primary as well...
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    Midterm Machinations

    A ‘red wave’ could slow it down provided it's not full of RINOs. I think there are more RINOs than we want to believe which means nothing will change if they are elected. I will always vote but I don’t have much faith in the election process or our elected leaders (rep or dem). That all being...
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    Russia denies use of cluster bombs in Ukraine

    I am not defending Russia in any way, but I am suspect of anything any country is saying. When they are all on the same page, something is up. I would not trust what you see on the internet. Could be the west using the cluster bombs in order to justify their actions and vilify Russia even...
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    Biden: Zelensky ‘didn’t want to hear’ warnings about Russian invasion

    It is absolutely not the reason these things happened. It is what they are using as a scapegoat. Prices on everything where rising before the war started. It is all part of their plan. They just want to make as many people as possible believe that the war is the cause. They need a different...
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    Stagflation is here

    There will either be no election or a lot of cheating.
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    Zelensky says Ukraine will not settle for stalemate with Russia

    My guess is there is no accountability.
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    Kansas woman pleads guilty to leading ISIS female battalion

    I am also surprised that justice is being served. I do think she should get more than 20 years. We will also have to wait and see if she actually serves those years.
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    Biden EPA Nominee Demands U.S. Pay ‘Climate Reparations’

    I think it is a requirement now to be considered. The loonier the better (in their eyes).
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    Biden announces new $700 million in military aid for Ukraine

    When are we going to start helping and protecting the citizens of this country. Oh, I forgot, NEVER.
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    Fifteen Slain, Mostly Kids, in Mass Texas School Shooting

    Don’t forget the criminals will also have access to firearms. It’s only the law abiding citizens that will have them taken away.
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    Fifteen Slain, Mostly Kids, in Mass Texas School Shooting

    Nothing will be done. It doesn’t fit the agenda. They do not care who dies as long as the ultimate goal of disarming all law abiding citizens is achieved. The government does not care what happens to the people as long at their plans are achieved. They are truly evil.
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    World Health Organization Upcoming Vote in May Threatens Nations' Sovereignty

    From what I read, they don’t need Senate approval. Since the treaty itself was already approved and these are just amendments, no approval is needed.
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    Senate Passes $40-Billion Aid to Ukraine

    I think that we already started supplying Israel’s enemies when we left all that equipment in Iraq.
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    Ukraine deploys new US howitzers at front lines of war

    Everything is going as planned for them. I truly believe they are intentionally destroying this country.
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    Biden Cancels Resources We Need!

    In short, there is no plan other than to destroy the country and it’s citizens.
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    Hillary Clinton Says Something True and Accurate for Once

    Sadly they woke up too late and far to many of them are rinos.