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    The ‘Elvis’ Biopic — Fit for a ‘King’

    I always feel sad when I think of Elvis. He was so tremendously talented, but ill prepared to deal with the consequences of that talent. He did proclaim himself to be a Christian, and I hope that he truly was. If so, like David, he had some tremendous failures that marred his witness. I wonder...
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    The Slow Step to a One World Govmint

    I believe that slow step to a one world government will accelerate dramatically when the Rapture takes place.
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    Biden signs executive order to protect abortion access

    Every time I read 2nd Timothy 3:3 where Paul speaks of people in the end times who will lack 'natural affection', I think of the pro abortion crowd. Surely, a mother's affection for her child, born or in the womb, should be the most natural affection in the world. Who could be easier to love...
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    Biden signs executive order to protect abortion access

    I'm glad to hear someone else say they have noticed how black his eyes are; I was beginning to think I was the only one who had noticed it. Looking at older pictures of Biden, his eyes were very bright blue. Now, in every picture or video I see of him, his eyes look pitch black. I wondered if it...
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    Dutch Farmers Rise Up against the Elite: ‘They Are Manufacturing Global Food Shortages’

    Is it just me, or does it seem like top leaders of democratic countries throughout the world are becoming increasingly brazen in destroying their own countries and viscously turning on their own populations?
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    Someone tried to blow up the Georgia Guidestones last night

    The Georgia Guidestones were a creepy proclamation of the goals of the New World Order. This whole episode of blowing up the monument, then immediately tearing down the parts of the monument that weren't destroyed seems suspicious to me. It reminds me of the infamous video put out by the World...
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    The ‘Bombshell’ Claim by Dems’ Star Witness at J6 Hearing is Already Being Debunked by the Secret Service

    This was just another Leftist stunt designed to drive up donations to the Democratic party by their hard left base. Sadly, it will probably work. As the Bible says, a fool is easily parted from his money.
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    Supreme Court sides with coach who sought to pray after game

    I personally believe that it is not a matter of where a person prays or when a person prays, but it is the motivation in the heart of the person who is praying that counts. Jesus condemned the Pharisees for praying in public, but he went on to explain that they were praying for their own glory...
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    What Killed Thousands of Cattle in Kansas?

    As a native Texan, I have lived near cattle ranches for most of my life, and I have never heard of anything like this happening. I have heard of cattle being killed by tornados, severe storms and intense hail, but not of high heat and humidity (humidity is always high near the Gulf coast in my...
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    Elon Musk's SpaceX fires at least five for letter criticizing him

    It amazes me how supposedly smart people can do such dumb things. Even people with the lowest levels of common sense should know that it is foolish to brazenly stab your boss in the back and seek to humiliate him in public. What did they expect to happen? If Elon Musk has fearlessly taken on...
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    Be Careful what (or who) you wish for ...

    I remember when Obama was first elected President of the United States; massive crowds of people would gather for his speeches. Many of his adoring followers were moved to tears as he spoke. Journalists were in awe of him, and the Nobel Peace Prize committee even awarded him a Nobel Prize based...
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    Hating Christians Because They First Hated Christ

    I honestly don't know why anyone listens to the women on 'The View'. Even if I were a leftist, I don't think I could stand their shrill rhetoric and narcissistic blather. Thankfully, cancel culture can work both way, so I have chosen to tune them out of my life.
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    Biden: Zelensky ‘didn’t want to hear’ warnings about Russian invasion

    Is anyone surprised that Biden backstabbed Zelensky? How many times has Biden backstabbed the people of his own country! There is no loyalty with far left. They use people then toss them aside with contempt.
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    Gov DeSantis stands by veto of $35M in funding for Tampa Bay Rays complex after gun control tweets

    Good for DeSantis. I hope other red state governors take note on how to stand up to the left wing bullies.
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    Fifteen Slain, Mostly Kids, in Mass Texas School Shooting

    At the risk of being accused of being an armchair quarterback, I have to say that I was shocked that the police did not attempt to take on the gunman much sooner than they did. As a teacher, I had to participate in several active shooter training programs during my last years in teaching (I...
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    Surprise! They found Tyre under water.

    If people would only follow the evidence instead of their own biased narratives, they would easily see that God's word is proven true over and over.
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    Fifteen Slain, Mostly Kids, in Mass Texas School Shooting

    I think many of these mass killers are cowards at heart. They choose victims who are not able to fight back.
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    And like a bad neighbor...

    I believe the tide is beginning to turn against these woke corporations. Twitter may be forced to allow free speech if they are bought out by Musk; Netflix is cancelling woke projects and terminating many of their woke staff; major corporations were warned by their public relations firms to not...
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    Fifteen Slain, Mostly Kids, in Mass Texas School Shooting

    Heartbreaking. My prayers go out to the loved ones who have to deal with the deaths of so many innocent children and the teacher as well.
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    UFO's and End Times

    Sorry, I'm coming in late to this thread. The question was asked if any of us have had any demonic type encounters recently. I'm not sure how recent would be defined here, but I did have some unwanted encounters with the paranormal (I believe demons) about 6 years ago. I had gone to work in an...