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    First it was Inslee, now it's the biden administration up to no good Biden Admin Calls For Breaching Of Dams To Help Salmon Despite Energy Deficit Concerns The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of Biden’s administration has issued...
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    Primary Candidates.

    The voters pamphlet came in the mail today. There are 17 people running against Patty Murray for senate. It is long past time for her to be gone. But hardly any of the people running against her seem like good choices. The only certain person that I will definitely vote for in all the races is...
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    Lawsuit against Arizona voting rules

    Department of Justice Office of Public Affairs FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, July 5, 2022 Justice Department Files Lawsuit Against the State of Arizona Over Restrictive Voter Registration Requirements The Justice Department announced today that...
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    Jury Duty Notice

    I received a notice in yesterday's mail. I just sent an email to the address listed, asking to be excused. Due to hearing loss and tinnitus I have trouble hearing people standing right in front of me. I need closed caption to understand what is happening on tv, so I don't think I would be able...
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    Newsom inviting Floridians to move to California

    I have seen articles about Newsom paying for advertisements in Florida, telling people to move to California. I don't see how that could possibly be a good idea. Doesn't Cali have a severe water shortage? What about brownouts from electrical shortages? They are already overrun by crime due to...
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    A blissful musical moment

    I was wanting to listen to the song Charity (1st Corinthians 13), but the name of the singer slipped my mind. I had to text my daughter. It was Jamie Owen's Collins. She sings so beautifully. I am a happy camper now. Maybe I will have blissful dreams.
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    I was reading email while sitting by the window looking out at my pansy bed. I noticed it's time to pull weeds again. Then I saw Adam Schiff's name in the title of one of the emails. I started wishing it was as easy to remove corrupt politicians from their goverment positions as it is to pull...
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    Why does sin get so much time?

    The birth of our nation gets a day. Our fallen heroes get a day. Labor gets a day. The Resurrection gets a day. But sexual perversion gets a whole month to celebrate and mock God. It's all In-Your-Face, even in front of little children whose parents don't seem to care that innocent mind are...
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    No Pet Adoption for 2nd Amendment Advocates

    A local animal shelter in California has stepped up the discrimination with new requirements for those looking to adopt animals. The Shelter Hope Pet Shop in Thousand Oaks California put out a pipping hot statement the other day and will be looking to make sure that you have the right politics...
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    Biden requiring transgender school bathrooms for federal lunch funds The Biden administration has tied access to federal funding for school lunches and nutrition programs to a mandate that American schools must let boys use girls’ bathrooms. The U.S. Department of...
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    Some people just don't listen

    :hairoutOne of my granddaughters got involved with a guy from a mormon family last year. I warned her against getting invoved with the cult. Last month they eloped. Now she is saying how great mormonism is. Arrrgh!
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    More "racism" Let’s just say that given the mindset of the far-out-left in Washington state, I wouldn’t be surprised if Democrat lawmakers and their left-wing governor were at least...
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    Family Expansion

    I already have 2 great granddaughters. I just learned I am getting a great grandson.
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    Biden Removing Healthcare Religious Objections

    Joe Biden is preparing to eliminate religious freedom protections put in place by President Donald Trump. He is ordering the elimination of objections healthcare workers are allowed to make based on their conscience and personal beliefs. In 2018, the Trump Department of Health and Human...
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    Public Schools Participate In Drag Shows Recently, a public middle school situated in an ultra-left wing state has initiated an unusual incentive program for its students. Specifically, in Washington state, widely regarded as one of the most liberal states in...
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    Crazy weather

    Instead of the typical April showers, we've had hail and snow during the past hour here in the Puget Sound area of western Washington. Looks like winter.
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    Mail from jehovah's witnesses

    In today's mail was an envelope forwarded from my previous address. The return address was a Miss Ramsey at such and such address in a different town. Neither was familiar to me. So I suddenly got the idea to search the address online. It was the Kingdom Hall of the JW's. Didn't waste any more...
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    Washington State Is BANNING Non-Electric Cars by 2030 As 1984 gains a firmer grasp on the modern world, one recent bill has caused it to spread its reach even further: a bill inserted within Washington state’s $16.9 billion “Move Aside Ahead Washington” package. This new piece of paper, signed by...
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    Experiencing power outage

    I've had some really crazy weather today. Sunshine, rain, heavy winds, hail. Now lost power. Need to get out my flashlight. May be awhile til it's back on.
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    Petty, vindictive response by teachers to Florida's parental rights law

    I just read that teachers are circulating a memo stating they are going to stop using normal terms like he/she, him/her, boy/girl, Mr./Mrs., mother/father, husband/wife, etc. They will only use them/they. They will avoid using books that use those words. They will stop labeling restrooms...