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  1. Katie8758

    Hubble detects "something weird" is going on in the universe and it can't be explained with modern physics.

    'Something weird' is going on with our universe: Hubble detects changes in the rate of expansion that cannot be explained by current physics Something weird' is going on with how our universe is expanding and it cannot be explained by current physics, NASA has revealed. Data from the Hubble...
  2. Katie8758

    Putin quoted Jesus to justify invasion

    During a pro-war rally in Moscow on Friday night, Russian President Vladimir Putin invoked the words of Jesus Christ in order to justify his invasion of Ukraine. Moscow police said more than 200,000 people attended the rally, Al Jazeera reported. Polling shows that a majority of Russians...
  3. Katie8758

    Pope tells parents to support gay children

    VATICAN CITY, Jan 26 (Reuters) - Pope Francis said on Wednesday that parents of gay children should not condemn them but offer them support. He spoke in unscripted comments at his weekly audience in reference to difficulties that parents can face in raising offspring. Those issues included...
  4. Katie8758

    It rained FISH.

    Yep. It rained literal Fish. As in the kind that are slimy with scales. I couldn't help but laugh, lol!!! Anyone have any loaves of bread?
  5. Katie8758

    Surprise! They found Tyre under water.

    Can't be too shocked, especially since it plainly stated in Ezekiel 26 that Tyre will be where "fishermen cast nets". But how cool is this!!
  6. Katie8758

    Lebanon Amb. to jews in Paris: Unite, return to homeland to help save Lebanon

    Could this have anything to do with the whole gathering of the jews thing? Credit: The Jerusalem Post About 50 Jews and other people from Lebanon or with roots in Lebanon took part in a "family reunion" at Lebanon's Embassy in Paris on Monday, after they were invited last month to join the...
  7. Katie8758

    Huge 72ft tall, 30 ton statue named Waters Soul which pays "homage to the water" erected in NJ.

    Well then.... Here's a new monstrosity for us all to appreciate! A huge head/face/graven image to help us all worship water.
  8. Katie8758

    7.1 Earthquake strikes Mexico

    WOW!!!!! The earthquakes are really really really ramping up!!! Haiti a few days ago, and now Mexico. I can't wait to hug you, Jesus!!!! <3 <3 INFO:
  9. Katie8758

    Quick question

    Can someone please explain the protection that the Lord promises to give us? I am getting hung up whenever i hear about how we will be persecuted, some will have their heads chopped off, etc...but yet we are told that the Lord protects us, won't let us strike our heel and such. I mean, even...
  10. Katie8758

    Chemical plant just exploded in Germany. Called an "Extreme threat".

    So...this just happened.... BERLIN – An explosion at an industrial park for chemical companies shook the German city of Leverkusen on Tuesday, sending a large black cloud rising into the air. Several people were injured, and five were missing. The Federal Office for Civil Protection and...
  11. Katie8758

    Nasa predicts "wobble" in the moon's orbit may lead to record flooding on Earth

    Every coast in the U.S. is facing rapidly increasing high tide floods thanks to a "wobble" in the moon's orbit working in tandem with climate change-fueled rising sea levels. A new study from NASA and the University of Hawaii, published recently in the journal Nature Climate Change, warns that...
  12. Katie8758

    If Paul and Thomas had a baby, it would be me. Here's my story.

    I have never fully told my story before, mainly because I am PETRIFIED of representing God incorrectly. The friends of Job come to mind, lol. But lately I have felt led to do so. Growing up, my parents took me to church on occasion (Baptist). I only heard bits and pieces of the gospel...
  13. Katie8758

    Guy gets swallowed by a whale, then escapes. Sound familiar? Lol

    Someone, somewhere must have sent up a prayer asking for proof that a man can be gulped up by a whale, spit back out and then live to tell about it. Well, doubting's your proof!! Hahhahaa
  14. Katie8758

    Just a random thought.....

    Today I watched a video of a gorilla admiring a woman's baby through the glass at a zoo, and I thought a out how nice it would be if we could ever talk to the animals... Then I remembered in Genesis where the serpent and Eve communicated and spoke to each other. Do you think then that it was...
  15. Katie8758

    Turkey, Russia discuss Israel clashes in call - Turkish presidency

    Well, here comes Russia and Turkey inserting themselves into the conflict.... According to the article, Ankara has already mobilized them.
  16. Katie8758

    Barcelona Catholic church opens doors to Ramadan dinners, citing "We are all the same".

    With COVID-19 restrictions preventing Barcelona's Islamic population from celebrating Ramadan at the usual indoor venues, a Catholic church has offered up its open-air cloisters for Muslims to eat and pray together. Every evening between 50 and 60 Muslims, many of them homeless, stream into the...
  17. Katie8758

    Question about the Holy Spirit

    Please help me understand. Do we as Christians share the SAME spirit of God and Jesus - the Holy Spirit? And if so, what happened to our old spirit before it was taken over by the Holy Spirit, or did we even have a spirit at all - just a soul? Are we now body, holy spirit and soul? I am so...
  18. Katie8758

    They "rebuilt" all of Baalbek's temples in order to help boost Lebanon tourism, and you can visit them virtually.

    This is certainly interesting :) Let's all go virtually view these ancient Baalbek Roman God's temples and stand in awe of them **cough**. And, is this how Rome gets rebuilt in a day?
  19. Katie8758

    New Ethiopian dam and Revelation 16:12?

    I must say, Egypt is not thrilled at all whatsoever with the construction of this new dam...And it sure made me think of Revelation 16:12. Can't help but wonder if the dam will play a part in it. Revelation 16:12 "And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and...
  20. Katie8758

    Alabama tornado destroys everything except for one lone cross.....

    Read this article and simply had to share. :) (P.S. Not sure why the song "Can't touch this" by MC Hammer is stuck in my head) lol