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  1. depserv

    Zuckerberg Creating megachurch on Facebook Big Tech social media giant Facebook is partnering with religious organizations as part of what seems like its goal...
  2. depserv

    Biden Regime purging patriots from the military

    How many Americans are aware that the Biden regime is frantically purging loyal Americans from the military, labelling them "dangerous extremists," and indoctrinating those not purged with racist, Marxist propaganda in the form of critical race theory? Why do you think Biden and his cronies are...
  3. depserv

    Absolute Proof Mike Lindell Has anyone here seen this? I've seen the first half hour so far and it looks legitimate to me based on what I already know. One thing that gives the Mike Lindell report credibility is the massive attempt by the liberal cult to suppress it, and to discredit what it...
  4. depserv

    Food Being Contaminated?

    I've seen rumors that liberal bigots are contaminating the food served in restaurants and fast food places. I have not seen any evidence that it is being done, but I think it's very likely. Even Jesse Jackson admitted that when he worked in food service he enjoyed spitting in white people's...
  5. depserv

    How the Liberal Press Lies

    The following might seem self-evident, but it should be pointed out anyway. This comes from a lot of reading I did years ago on psychological warfare and big lie campaigns in order to know the enemy, and from observation. The liberal cult is the most destructive enemy America has ever faced...
  6. depserv

    The Bible on giving sanctuary

    Many pro-immigrant people claim that the Bible tells us America must give sanctuary to all who seek it. The reasons typically given for this are Christian charity, the commandment to love our neighbors, and the family of Jesus having lived as refugees in Egypt for awhile. My opinion is, the...
  7. depserv

    The Bible on How to Treat Women

    I was on a political site yesterday where something said by Billy Graham's daughter was being discussed, and two posts were made that I think show a big lie being perpetrated on the ignorant by those who hate God's Word. Here they are, copied and pasted: "The bible is clear on the matter. Man...
  8. depserv

    allahu vs allah

    What's the difference between Allah and Allahu? The phrase "Allahu Akbar" I guess means Allah is greater or greatest (our god is greater than your god in any case) but why is it Allahu instead of just Allah?
  9. depserv

    America's official state religion

    It's interesting that those who preach so much about our so-called separation of church and state are imposing their own doctrine on us as a de facto official state religion. This is one of the reasons I refer to liberalism as a cult. Most of what our government does these days is based in...
  10. depserv

    Question for Bible scholars

    I read a post on CNS news that I found interesting, and I want to know if anyone here knows anything about this: "I read the Dead Sea Scrolls and of the two theories, I accept the one where the scrolls were taken out of Jerusalem. I read and studied the oldest book known to mankind. Written...