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  1. depserv

    Priorities: U.S. Military Base Is Hosting a Drag Show

    Whether this is more a part of the indoctrination or a symptom of it we are reminded of the satanic indoctrination that is rampant in our culture, and that it's having an effect on the military. We hear about communist and racist indoctrination in the form of CRT, but the satanic indoctrination...
  2. depserv

    Newly confrontational Biden no longer shy in singling out Trump, the ‘former guy’

    Biden criticizing Trump is like Benedict Arnold criticizing George Washington. If I was in politics I'd offer to pay Biden to say bad things about me, just to help me get the votes of people with a brain. And just for the laugh. This criticism is an excellent example of the darkest of nights...
  3. depserv

    US to Fill Border Wall Gaps Near Yuma, Arizona

    I think either Biden is saying he'll complete those parts of the wall purely to help his comrades in the midterms, and then he'll change his mind and stop the project after the vote, or maybe he will fill the gaps, but he has already made sure that the illegals have another way to get here. My...
  4. depserv

    Trump blasts Biden: Our country has been brought to its knees

    From the article: ...Trump said, adding that under Biden, "Our country has been brought to its knees, literally brought to its knees, and who would have thought this could happen?" I'm sure Biden and his cronies are laughing their heads off about this because they consider it a compliment, given...
  5. depserv

    Debris from China rocket launch to crash land — and no one knows where

    And in a related story, former Clinton employee killed by falling space debris after agreeing to testify...
  6. depserv

    China heightens its warning to the US over Pelosi's planned visit to Taiwan

    No matter what she might do superficially, if Pelosi goes to China it will be for two reasons: to discuss the strategy of how best to betray America, and to negotiate the price of her betrayals.
  7. depserv

    Robot dog outfitted with machine gun in Russia brings us closer to real-life ‘Black Mirror’

    Robotics are becoming more common all the time and AI is being developed. There is talk about driverless cars coming at come point. These things will naturally be put to use by law enforcement and the military. When they become fully functional and common, it will be easier to make war, because...
  8. depserv

    China wants to defend the Earth from asteroids using the moon

    Given the potential power of space-based weapons I'd say whoever controls the moon would have a huge advantage in any war here on Earth, and that advantage could be overwhelming. My guess is this is the real reason China wants to put a base on the moon.
  9. depserv

    D.C. Dems Urging Federal Response to Texas Gov. Abbott's Migrant Buses

    The federal response should be stopping the invasion across the border, but don't count on any Democrat supporting that idea. What they will most likely do is spend taxpayer money to move them from DC to strategic locations around the country. I appreciate the effort these governors are making...
  10. depserv

    If Republicans take control in 2022 and 2024, can they turn things around?

    If they get a big enough majority, they could do a lot of good, and get us closer to going in the right direction, though their power would still be limited by the executive being a dedicated traitor. But to me the question is not so much can they as will they, and I do not see the will in that...
  11. depserv

    Fauci to retire at the end of Biden's term

    He's done his duty to the master he serves by betraying America; now it's time for him to lay back and enjoy his 30 pieces of silver. It will be interesting to see what form that silver takes.
  12. depserv

    'Impossibly Stupid': US Farmland Was Just Sold to a Chinese Firm and There's a Big Problem With Its Location

    As I am in full agreement with this. It's not stupid it's a deliberate betrayal, just another one among a great many. And all leading to the same place: the fall of America, and the rise of a dictatorship in its place. There is no question that Biden is China's whore, but it is also important...
  13. depserv

    Extremist antisemite in UK had bomb-making instructions, a banned dagger

    Based on what we see here this guy looks like he could be a legitimate threat, though probably not as serious as they claim. But when the so-called newspaper uses a term like "homophobic" it defines itself as a liberal propaganda paper allied to devil worshippers; remember that they call...
  14. depserv

    Twitter hires legal team to sue Musk over dropped takeover

    I'd like to see him face Twitter in a civil court. They can't suppress truth or cancel him in that venue. The basis of him cancelling the deal is their fake accounts; these are a big deal because I would assume that their advertising rates are based on how many accounts they have, and they have...
  15. depserv

    Biden signs executive order on abortion, declares Supreme Court 'out of control'

    The court is supposed to be out of his control, but he knows nothing about how our system of government works, even after having spent his whole adult life in politics. This makes clear where his loyalty lies: in all those years he never bothered to learn how the government he's part of is...
  16. depserv

    Biden admits….

    I have no doubt that this Stalinesque show trial, as well as the January 6 patriots being thrown in a dungeon and kept there, is part of a massive psyops campaign, being waged by traitors in government and their comrades in liberal media, with both groups coordinating their efforts for maximum...
  17. depserv

    Biden admits….

    It became treason when the Biden coup took place, beginning in November of 2020 and culminating on January 6th of 2021. Everything he has done since then has been an expansion of that treasonous act.
  18. depserv

    Biden admits….

    Anyone who was paying attention knew well before the 2020 election that Biden is a whore of the Chinese communists, so this should be no surprise to them. If it is ever possible to find out just how much money was given by the Chinese to the Biden family, we will know the value of 30 pieces of...
  19. depserv

    Woke Canada Teaching Schoolkids Free Speech, Border Wall, Flag Hallmarks Of Hate

    This is a good example of the cultural Marxism being used as part of an ideological subversion campaign, which is a strategy of communist revolutionary warfare. This kind of subversion has been underway since the time of Lenin, and it has slowly but surely built a power base in that time. Now it...
  20. depserv

    NY gun licenses to require social media checks, character references, safety course

    I think training is a very good idea; it's why I went to the trouble and expense of getting an NRA pistol instructor certification. But mandating training or anything like it is a bad idea, because experience has proven that our government will abuse any such prerogative. And no one should have...