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  1. SkyRider

    Satan present at the Bema Seat Judgement?

    What do you think? And this may have been asked before. The Book of Romans tells us that we must all appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ, to receive awards for the service that we have done for Christ here on Earth. But will the devil be there to accuse us of our faults while this is going...
  2. SkyRider

    Joe Biden to meet with Pope

    Interesting that Bungling Joe will visit the Vatican before his get together with other leaders of Europe. Why would that be? To get his marching orders from Bergoglio before meeting heads of States? And the Pope is pushing for the Climate Change propaganda to be furthered along at the Summit...
  3. SkyRider

    Cleveland Indians name change

    Just saw where the Indians are going to be renamed to the Guardians. How lame. If that doesn't sound like PC gone amok, I don't know what does. Maybe the Washington Football Team will now be labeled the Washington Woke. Crazy stuff
  4. SkyRider

    So....what to make of Trump's “defeat”

    This topic, I am sure, has been discussed in a variety of ways, possibly in numerous other threads in one form or another, but I may have missed the discussion as I am not on this site as much as others are. So, what do you guys think of the reason for Trump not being re-elected for a second...
  5. SkyRider

    Syrian President Bashar al Assad wins in landslide

    With taking 95.1% of the vote and unlike American Presidential elections, you can bet he won he every vote for him legitimately. Syriaously....
  6. SkyRider

    The Vatican, Pope Francis, and World Order

    By Gary H. Kah Most of us are not competitors… We are the stakes. For the competition is about who will establish the first one-world system of government… No one can be exempted from its effects. No sector of our lives will remain untouched. – Malachi Martin.1 Thirty years have passed since...
  7. SkyRider

    Catholic priests group backs bill requiring Christian adoption agencies to place kids with LGBT adults

    More disgusting garbage from those affiliated with Roman Catholicism. Not enough millstones to go around, as far as I'm concerned, with those who attempt to harm children.
  8. SkyRider

    Today’s NFL Playoff picks

    Who will win today? I’ve got the BILLS, the RAMS and The BUCCANEERS to advance
  9. SkyRider

    Gog's meeting of the minds?

    Putin, Erdogan, Rohani Set For Sochi Summit On Syria The leaders of Russia, Iran, and Turkey are scheduled to meet in the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi on February 14 to discuss the situation in Syria, according to Turkish and Russian state media. The reports on February 3 did not give...
  10. SkyRider

    The Rapture of the Church

    David Jeremiah is on tv today taliking about the Rapture. If you miss his tv program today, he is doing a whole series on the Book of Revelation on his Turning Point Ministry website.
  11. SkyRider

    What every Catholic needs to know

    Mike Gendron of Proclaiming the Gospel ministries gives an audio presentation on Rapture Ready Radio of what Catholics need to know to be saved.
  12. SkyRider

    Who is the Woman clothed with the sun? An audio presentation from the late Dave Hunt and Tom McCall of the Berean Call ministry, refuting Catholicism's claim that the woman represents the Catholic Mary.
  13. SkyRider

    What Does it mean to be "Born of Water"? I was going to post this in the Roman Catholic postings, but found it very interesting and insightful to post it somewhere else where more could view it. This comes from the Berean Call website, which was founded and featured...
  14. SkyRider

    Pope Francis: World Government must rule U.S. Franny, Franny, Franny...his system just can't wait until they climb onto the back of the beast. The RCC ought to take up their cross, deny themselves, sell off all their assets, and give to the poor...if they are really concerned...
  15. SkyRider

    Catholicism and other things

    As a supporter of Mike Gendron's Proclaiming the Gospel mimistry, I get these monthly e-newsletters and thought I'd share them. As a former Roman Catholic, I support his endeavor to try to win Catholics for Christ. This newsletter, as others like it, primarily deals usually with the false...
  16. SkyRider

    Proclaiming the Gospel by former Catholic Mike Gendron

    Letters from Around the World Mike, My wife and I were both Catholics but after I started reading the Bible, I left the RCC in 2001. As I read the Bible I would show my wife amazing truths, yet she did not respond with interest, and was content with following her religion. She can't defend her...
  17. SkyRider

    The Isolation of Israel

    An hour long audio presentation by David Jeremiah on the status of Israel in the end times and God's special dealings and covenants with her.
  18. SkyRider

    What is Pope Francis' agenda?

    An hour interview with Mike Gendron on the false religion of Roman Catholicism and which way the current pope is leading that system:
  19. SkyRider

    The Chicken or the Egg...?

    Thought I'd share this one... We live in a rural area of East Tennessee, on two acres of land that we purchased via an auction, with a lot of small farms in the nearby area. About twenty years ago or so, while out on a trip, a black hen wandered into our yard, climbed the back steps leading up...
  20. SkyRider

    Ezekiel 38, 39: Pre Rapture or Post?

    Okay, just pondering this morning about future events and the current times we live in and got to thinking about the above question in regards to the current administration in the US. As many of us probably lean towards the notion that nobody seems to come to the rescue of Israel during the...