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  1. fl2007rn

    Disney’s Sad Descent

    I grew up living close to Walt Disney World and have known lots of people that worked at the theme park. I had a friend who played Cinderella and she was an accomplished dancer. She told me most of the male cast members at the park were gay and this was 40 years ago! It is sad you cannot...
  2. fl2007rn

    Latest polls show Trump leading Biden in 2024 rematch

    I find it hard to believe that Gov DeSantis is trailing behind Harris. DeSantis is my govenor and he has done a really good job for the state of Florida. He is not afraid to stand up against the liberal lunatics even if it costs him votes. I would honestly prefer DeSantis as president over...
  3. fl2007rn

    Biden: Americans Will Stomach High Gas Prices “As Long As It Takes”

    If I was trying to destroy a country from within I would do all the same decisions as Biden. Gas was $ 2.15 a gallon when Biden took office and it is more than double that price now. Goods and services have increased right along with the price of gas. I can't imagine how a young family...
  4. fl2007rn

    Abortions can resume in Texas after judge blocks pre-Roe v. Wade ban

    I think every family has a few liberals in it including mine. I try not to talk about any political things because there is no changing a liberal mind set. I have a gay sister in law that is married to another woman and they are truly liberal lunatics. I pray for them and realize only the Holy...
  5. fl2007rn

    Road Rage: How Should You Respond?

    I live in Florida where we have so many tourists that are driving and they are not familiar with where they are going. I normally have much patience but not so much when I see a license plate from a liberal state like California or New York. :mazy
  6. fl2007rn

    My Dog Died

    :pray Prayers and hugs. :meet Losing a pet is awful.
  7. fl2007rn

    Crying... In the spirit?

    I sometimes cry when I read the Bible or when I hear a good sermon. Jesus' words are so beautiful and his love for me brings tears to my eyes. :cloud9
  8. fl2007rn

    Boston Gay Pride Parade is cancelled after accusations of racism from Black Lives Matter and threat of boycott!

    I will be glad when pride month is over! It makes me sick to see so many transgenders and gays on commercials that it is difficult to watch TV anymore. It also makes me mad that the gays have tried to hijack the rainbow to use as their symbol.
  9. fl2007rn

    Biden 'respects' Supreme Court despite abortion ruling, White House says

    Sorry to hear about your father! :meet My mother had dementia before she passed and my mother in law is 87 with Alzheimers so it is truly the "Long Goodbye". Our minds wear out just like our physical bodies.
  10. fl2007rn

    Biden 'respects' Supreme Court despite abortion ruling, White House says

    I am a retired registered nurse and I don't make fun of people that have dementia or Alzheimers. It is horrible and gut wrenching to watch as a person declines and loses function from these diseases. It is quite obvious to the entire world that Joe has cognition issues bases on his slurring...
  11. fl2007rn

    Grocery Store!

    I shop at the military commissary and you are required to have the baggers pack your groceries. Baggers work for tips so their packing skills are excellent. They pack pretty much the way you mentioned that you like it, and I usually tip $ 10 every time I go grocery shopping. I feel bad for...
  12. fl2007rn

    Maxwell said jail staff threatened her safety, prompting suicide watch

    I believe Maxwell has every reason to believe she will be killed in prison based on what happened to Jeffrey Epstein! She is a target because there are very powerful people that could be implicated based on the things Maxwell knows. Maxwell deserves a long prison sentence but what about...
  13. fl2007rn

    Reusable Menstrual Cups and Pads

    I am glad I don't have a period anymore! I had no idea what a menstrual cup was and I had to look it up. It seems like that would be a mess if you needed to change that out in a public rest room. I can't imagine what women had to do hundreds of years ago. I suppose they had to use wash cloths.
  14. fl2007rn

    Supreme Court Overturns Roe vs. Wade

    Coincidentally todays date: 24/06/2022 = 666
  15. fl2007rn

    Supreme Court Overturns Roe vs. Wade

    Sadly, I have known or worked with quite a few women that had an abortion and not a single one of them got it because of incest or rape.
  16. fl2007rn

    Supreme Court Overturns Roe vs. Wade

    :pray :pray:pray
  17. fl2007rn

    Drag Queen Pastors Miss Penny Cost

    I was thinking the same thing. They never mock or insult the Muslims.
  18. fl2007rn

    Are You Ready For Jesus’ Return?

    I believe the same way Kathy and you did an excellent job of describing it. If someone does not study Bible prophecy and look for Jesus to return they are really missing out! I day dream about Jesus returning all day long. It gives me great joy to think about the sound of a Shofar and...
  19. fl2007rn

    Elon Musk's SpaceX fires at least five for letter criticizing him

    I am glad that he fired the employees! I live close to Kennedy Space Center and there was a rocket launch today. The employees need to be concerned about the success of the mission and not about politics. The liberals are idiots because they were fired from well paying jobs. I hope they...
  20. fl2007rn

    Israel said planning to show Biden laser defense system, seeking partnership

    I truly believe that Biden has Dementia/Alzheimers and the main stream media is covering it up! I just visited with my 87 year old mother in law that has Alzheimers and she is more "With It" than Joe.