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  1. caligal

    Favorite Easter songs?

    My favorite Good Friday song is I Will Rise Again, and my favorite Easter Sunday song is Arise My Love. What are your favorite songs?
  2. caligal

    Keystone Pipeline??????

    With oil over $100 a barrel now, why doesn't he open the pipeline???
  3. caligal

    I'm on a New Computer

    Hey yall I'm on a new laptop. The one I was using crashed and burned, so I will be on this on from now on.
  4. caligal

    I don't remember my password.

    Chris, I got a new laptop today and I don't remember my password. How do I do this?
  5. caligal

    The Cherubim in Ezekiel

    Do you think we will see the cherubim and whirly wheels with eyes when we get to heaven?
  6. caligal

    What kind of spider could it be?

    There was a BIG red spider with a huge web in our backyard. Mac took down most of its' web which went from our tree to a bush to the bush next to it to the fence and even to the ground. This spider has a very large body and long legs, and moves very quickly. What kind of spider could it be...
  7. caligal

    ERROR messages in some threads?????

    I am getting error em messages when I try to get into some forums and threads. Is anyone else having this problems or is it just me?
  8. caligal

    HI THERE!!!!!

    I have been having big PC bugs come after me and Mac finally called provider and they walked him thru some stuff and then Adrian Emailed me and told me some things to do and ....................I'm back!:bouncies
  9. caligal

    A New Kitty!!! I think.....

    It has happened again! I went out to the screened porch tonight after dinner and the fur kids were busy staring at something outside so I went over to check out what was going on and there she was. She was huddled under the patio table just like she was waiting for something. I got Mac and he...
  10. caligal

    I had a strange encounter while in hospital

    On Friday while I was in the hospital a lady came to my door and said hello, and that she was part of the ministry there. I smiled and invited her to come in and she did. She seemed very nervous and I guessed that maybe not to many people were very cordial to her. I asked her about her ministry...
  11. caligal

    We got flooded really bad

    Last night we got 3-4 inches of water in our whole house. I guess Pensacola is on the weather channel again. It is starting to rain again....... I don't know what to say...... we don't have flood insurance. I'm so tired, we haven't slept or eaten anything yet. The water has gone down but all the...
  12. caligal


    :heythere Hi y'all. I just want everyone here to know how much I love all of you. It is so wonderful how God put us all here in this forum to care for and pray for each other. How He knit this Forum together with such loving care. We have ministers and shepherds that watch over us and warn us...
  13. caligal

    Audio bible??

    I have cataracts and bible reading has become very difficult for me. Is there an audio bible here in RF that I could listen to? Now I mean the whole bible not just certain stories. I would love to get back in Gods word but reading has become a problem. I would love one that remembers where I...
  14. caligal

    The power in about half of the city(Pensacola) is out

    He said the power in about half of the city(Pensacola) is out. Ours has blinked a few times.:fear We have gas heat, but does it take an electronic ignition to come on? Man I hope not. Son said theirs hasn't even blinked which is good as they have two little ones. Stay safe and dry yall. :hug
  15. caligal

    Hey y'all about burger joints.....Is Cook Out Burgers any good?

    DD is going to a girls night at one of her friends house and we were thinking we would try Cookout Burgers since we are on our own. Do yall know anything about them? They always seem busy here.:scratch:
  16. caligal

    We are gonna fry a turkey! BUT...............

    :heythereI need help with the injector seasoning, and the rub?? Has anyone here ever done this? Any advise? We are taking it to a ball field where they are doing it for fundraising.
  17. caligal

    Reinhard Bonnke????

    Does anyone know anything about this man? My sister thinks he is an okay preacher, but the moment I heard the name a red flag went up and I don't remember why/:scratch:
  18. caligal

    What exactly is Grace.

    Do people who are filled with grace from God sin less? If so I want much grace. I hope this isn't a silly question.
  19. caligal

    New USGS earthquake map info

    The USGS has changed their earthquake map. Follow the directions and you will figure it out. The reason I am posting this is there are things going on in Yellowstone. This new map shows 2 maybe 3 swarms going on there right now. I have suspected this for awhile as the seismographs have been...
  20. caligal

    Oh boy..........we have another kitty!

    The other day while I was at the Dr my sister had a new kitty come up to her in the yard begging for food and petts. That evening she came back and Mac feed her again, and she has now taken up residence on our patio and deck. Today I got a real good look at her and guess what,,,,,,,she is...