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    50 dead found in truck near San Antonio

    Smugglers had them locked in with no water or air conditioning. The bodies were too hot to touch. Meat sauce had been scattered on the bodies to hide the smell of death. Joe, these deaths are on you. Don’t bother to tell us the border is closed. A record number of fentanyl pills were...
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    British press first to release Hunter “talkie”

    A British reporter was just interviewed by Jesse Watters. I have seen all the still photos of Hunter. The Brits are way ahead of us. Not only did they have moving pictures, the film had the star’s actual voice! As a bonus, Hunter was the camera man! AND - they had an answering machine tape of...
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    Supreme Court rules it was quite all right for the football coach to pray on the field

    This ruling is huge and will soon appear in Breaking News, but I have been wanting to quote the only language in the Constitution regarding religion: Congress shall make no law regarding the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. That’s it. One sentence in the...
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    A tiny tell from Nancy

    The Princess had to swear in Mayra Flores, the first Republican elected in her Texas district in over 100 years. Nancy was prepared with her frozen smile and phony voice, but she did not foresee that Flores’ two young daughters would be accompanying her on stage. Nancy elbowed one of the girls...
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    Scariest note ever?

    A closeup of an instruction card used at a Biden appearance at a wind industry meeting (he avoided a petroleum industry meeting) was exposed because Biden managed to hold it up backwards, toward the cameras. This is a rough approximation from memory but it was typed on a kindergarten level with...
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    MapleLeaf - Alert

    Sorry to use this forum but others may find this news interesting. Commandante Trudeau has reached Chapter 5 in Dictators for Dummies, and has now banned plastic straws in Canada. I don’t know what to advise. “I lost them in a river on a fishing trip” is a good response to “We are here for your...
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    Bricks without straw

    Pharaoh Joe has issued an edict. American refineries must refine more gasoline! Previous edicts: No drilling in Gulf Coast No drilling in Alaska No drilling on Federal land No pipelines Permits to drill (with risk) slow-walked Existing refineries must retool for green projects Pharaoh will...
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    Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen doesn’t understand why everybody is complaining about the economy-

    In an attempt to spare this forum the cost of an unnecessarily lengthy post, I’ll confine my complaint to the most recent boondoggle: The Boston Bomber got $1,400 in Covid Relief. A false low total of the funds provided to all Federal inmates was provided months ago. This morning it was...
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    Two (2) reminders for Joe

    1. The Strategic Petroleum Reserve is to be used for the purpose of a true national emergency, not to use as a phony talking point for how successful you are at combatting inflation. 2. Your withdrawal of oil from the Reserve was a colossal flop. Please remember everything you did has been a...
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    Biden outraged (while resting in Delaware during D-Day) because he has lower approval ratings than Trump ever had

    His team must be meeting daily to discuss strategies for improving approval percentages. These appear to be the proposals: Get him out more (rejected - too many opportunities to start World War Three). Return to successful policies of Trump administration (rejected - last suggestion of this type...
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    “Don’t be ashamed that you are using, be empowered that you are using safely.”

    Above is a new billboard in New York. The message includes advice like “take it slow“. Fentanyl usage is apparently the primary motivation for this “public health” notice.
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    Pre-owned caskets?

    I wonder whether a grieving family unable to afford a new casket during the tribulation could use an empty casket vacated by the original owner when the Rapture shout occurred. Even if the first occupant did not include land in his will, a pre-purchased grave plot is real estate commonly sold on...
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    Hillary escapes again

    Her lawyer Sussman found not guilty of giving a false narrative to the FBI about Trump after being told by Hillary to leak the story to the press. Hillary paid his bill for his errands, though he claimed to have “no client”. The jury included Hillary staff and friends. Only two ways I can see...
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    The “Back” administration

    This administration has set a record for White House staff walking BACK comments made to the press by the President. Jen Psnarky promised to circle BACK with real answers. If you speak out against liberal insanity, you have a target on your BACK. Policy makers are secreted in a BACK room in a...
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    America reaches a new millstone

    For the first time in our history, the U.S. has declared our shortage of baby formula an international relief emergency, using our military to fly formula from European nations to us in our time of need. This fits in neatly with our global agenda to be as distressed as nations to which we once...
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    Stagflation is here

    Target lost 25 percent of it value today. Netflix lost 75 percent of its value today as the DOW lost over 1,000 points. You know things are going bad when ordinary products like Campbell’s Soup get hurt. I think this is the start of a recession. What a surprise that under this exemplary...
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    Government puts Truth on hold

    The Disinformation Board planned by your government, which is always concerned about us, has now been placed on “pause” and Mary Poppins is out as Honesty Director. Perhaps a different name for this governance board would help: CNN Plus Dumpster Diving Board Praavda Twitter Botboard “Real Wood...
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    Woke Board Names

    Since Michelle Obama has now used the word “womxn” for ”women”, I would like to announce that the U.S. Department of Names has provided us with suggestions for our board names which are Woke and more suited to the name your government would prefer you to use. Examples: caligal———-caligal-guy...
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    Communist China wants to rule Catholicism in Hong Kong

    Accompanying the retirement of the present Cardinal in charge of Hong Kong, the CCP has announced that catholic operations in Hong Kong must be overseen by China. I am awaiting the Pope’s response. Maybe I missed it.
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    Resist the temptation to use charge cards!!!!

    People are starting to increase their credit card usage due to the difficulties paying for things during this inflation. This inflation will be here a long time and probably be accompanied by a recession. It is not for me to tell you what to do, but I strongly encourage everyone to avoid the...