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    Supreme Court sides with coach who sought to pray after game

    Growing up in Southern Ontario, my parents had taken us on vacation to Up-State New York a couple of times over Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Stunning.
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    How is the weather in your area NOW??

    It was outright cold at our Sunday School picnic yesterday. We were all shrouded in hoodies and blankets as we sang and listened to the sermon. Such a wild change after our intense heatwave. We did get rained out but that was after the meal and the games so we all had fun. It is starting to...
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    Supreme Court sides with coach who sought to pray after game

    Isn't getting political here the point? LOL I love cold weather and wildnerness so trying to decide which state would be the best for me to flee to. Alaska might be TOO cold but I have been thinking Montana. I don't know enough about local politics so is it conservative enough? I want to...
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    UK’s Prince Charles reportedly accepted bags with millions in cash from Qatari PM

    Sounds like the bags of money are going to the truly deserving and needy once again. (I really hope there were giant dollar signs on them...or pound signs or whatever)
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    Thousands of Democrats Chant ‘Hail Satan’ during Supreme Court Protest

    Do these people even know what they're saying?? How many are just saying it because they think it will make us angry? I'm not angry. Just saddened because they have no idea what they're inviting down upon their own heads. Granted, some may be intentionally worshipping Satan, but even they...
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    Supreme Court sides with coach who sought to pray after game

    3rd if you include the 2a ruling on the right to conceal carry. You guys are really sweetening the pot on becoming an American. lol I do have an autistic child which complicates the matter but he loves Jesus and doesn't stand for nonsense. And I'm a real conservative. Not the fake kind most...
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    Reusable Menstrual Cups and Pads

    LOL Poor Sarah indeed. I'm nearly 40 so I am hoping this ride is almost over. I know other problems come after that but I like to keep my blood inside of my body. There's a thought.
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    Catholics praying to Mary and the saints yet still claim to be Christians

    I haven't been to a Catholic mass since I went as a tourist to the mass at Westminister Abby in London, England. My friend and I only had a short while in the city and we realized the only way to squeeze it in was to go during a mass. And then we didn't have to pay either. I admit I fell...
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    Leading Massachusetts GOP candidate for Governor, Geoff Diehl, proclaims his support for the LGBT movement

    It's depressing sometimes being a conservative Christian here in Canada. You wouldn't believe the to-do your Roe VS Wade overturn is having up here. And almost all the "conservative" people I follow online are loudly proclaiming their pro-choice beliefs and some of the 'Christian'...
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    The Coming Financial Collapse and the Great Reset

    I think life is going to be very hard before the Rapture even with a pre-Trib view point. God always seems to work "under the wire" so to speak so we know it is Him doing it. Lot was snatched at the last moment, God closed the doors to the Ark just before it began to rain, etc. We will all be...
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    Reusable Menstrual Cups and Pads

    I'm grateful that I can stay at home with the kids so I take about 2 days to just rest in bed and stay near the bathroom. A diaper would send me over the top, to be honest. I already feel gross with what I do use. I have found that doing moderate exercise routines between periods (I can't do...
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    Are you ready for Christmas?

    Oh, I am content that Christmas is in December. Other than listening to music outside the season from time to time I love keeping it special. I hate that stores bring stuff out earlier and earlier because it takes away from the specialness of the season and it brings out the scrooges and...
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    Scariest note ever?

    I definitely agree that this is a spiritual battle. I was Skyping with my parents last night and they brought that up too. It's a madness that only Jesus can cure.
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    MapleLeaf - Alert

    Just as an update: I did end up buying a pack of plastic straws today. The shelves already mainly had the paper ones. Yuck. I should have cleared the shelf but I don't have an immediate use for them so I only got one. They're the bendy kind. Fun! But I already couldn't find much in the way...
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    Supreme Court Overturns Roe vs. Wade

    It's still murder. Once again, we're letting the world dictate and foretell what life is worthy to be lived. IUDs are like morning-after pills so I'm disgusted that so many Christians use them. You can't say "life begins at conception" and then say "well, it's just a zygote". Be consistent.
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    The Coming Financial Collapse and the Great Reset

    I don't know why some Christians are so eager to go through the Tribulation? We have nothing to prove. This life is hard enough as it is!
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    Are you ready for Christmas?

    Bumping this thread because I want to see if it scares anyone. LOL Anyways, I love Christmas. I am one of those losers who starts to miss Christmas music around August and will listen to it just for fun. Luckily, I married a man who shares my love of Christmas music. :tree
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    Reusable Menstrual Cups and Pads

    It will have to be the zombie apocalypse for me to consider the reusable stuff. I know they say to use them when they're as heavy and clotty as mine but mine can be almost miscarriage-level bad and the thought of having to dump out some of the things that come out of me make me gag. On my...
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    Supreme Court Overturns Roe vs. Wade

    If the States strikes down Obergefell I am officially switching citizenship.