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  1. ozaprah

    Drink Monkey Milk to Save the Planet

    One of his best articles yet. So witty and yet cuts right to the point. He is very talented. I wonder how much longer he'll be allowed online before the woke make their cancel culture move against him.
  2. ozaprah

    Amazon’s Mega-Yacht Owner Funds $10 Billion “Great Reset” to Save Planet

    Bezos gets to live in 'ultimate luxury' for what, maybe 30 more years (likely less)? Meh... I've gotta mansion waiting for me in heaven, for eternity.
  3. ozaprah

    Australian PM concedes defeat, ending party’s 9-year rule; was firm backer of Israel

    Thanks for posting this Chris. As a Australian there seemed to be major internal factors such as a very large push for climate change policies by the younger voters, targeted towards moderate Liberal ('blue' conservative party) seats by a new 'group' of 'teal' independents ( supposedly a blend...
  4. ozaprah

    World Health Organization Upcoming Vote in May Threatens Nations' Sovereignty

    What are the odds of Monkeypox cases occuring (Canada, USA, Europe, South Africa, Australia) in the week before the vote to give pandemic powers and authority to the WHO? It's not meant to be that contagious, yet appears in four different continents. Hmmm.
  5. ozaprah

    Erdogan says Turkey not supportive of Finland, Sweden joining NATO

    Possibly correct, missing the irony that they are immigrants from nations that share the same religious belief as Erdogan..!!
  6. ozaprah

    UFO's and End Times

    After the rapture.. sure. But I doubt there will be a 'huge' sighting or UFO just before. Reasoning: Satan and his minions are not omniscient. They are not privy to the timing of the rapture anymore than we are. Mind you they probably know scripture and prophecy better than many Christians!
  7. ozaprah

    Supreme Court has voted to overturn abortion rights, draft opinion shows

    John Haller has a very good update on this on YT today. (The New Status Woe on Roe). His legal background is very helpful. My initial instinct on this (and I stress, just a gut instinct) 1. The opinion was leaked on purpose. Likely by the minority opinion side. The leak itself is...
  8. ozaprah

    Vegetarianism Has Become an End-Time Religion

    I would say it's more an association than causation. Vegans / vegetarians tend to side with the mother earth / Gaia type philosophies (trying to save / restore the planet) which is inherently wrapped up in demonic themes. I don't think there's anything inherent in vegetables that invites...
  9. ozaprah

    Gas prices in your area?

    Today $2.30 AUD / litre = $8.71 / gallon AUD = $6.35 /gallon USD
  10. ozaprah

    Diet Programs?

    Indeed. We grow our own "Lady finger" Bananas here at home, mainly because the plant looks so nice and tropical and green. The flavor is amazing. Problem is they all ripen so quickly. We end up swapping most of them with some neighbors for fresh eggs, which are also unbeatable compared to...
  11. ozaprah

    The Great Illusion

    Great analysis by Pete. How amazing is it seeing the end of the prophetic jigsaw puzzle being put together!
  12. ozaprah

    Diet Programs?

    Some of those vitamin E studies went >120 weeks and got some half decent results in mildly improving fatty liver. The sad thing is, on a strict low carb diet I routinely see fatty liver completely resolve, quite often within 12 weeks. I know which horse I'd be backing! LOL Unfortunately...
  13. ozaprah

    Diet Programs?

    True. But so does every plant. Much better to get potassium from above ground vegetables which are low in sugar and high in fibre. Look, nothing against bananas, but we need to realize that the modern banana is not a traditional banana. It has been highly bred to be large and sugary. A...
  14. ozaprah

    Diet Programs?

    Cholesterol in our diet from natural sources is no longer an item of concern. Even the American Heart Association has reluctantly admitted to that. Interestingly, triglyceride is manufactured in the liver, mainly from excess carbohydrate that can't be stored as glycogen, under the influence...
  15. ozaprah

    Russia, Ukraine to begin negotiations Monday

    Possible starting terms Russia to remain in Crimea, Luhansk and Donestk region, but withdrawal from the remainder on the agreement of Ukraine maintaining neutrality?
  16. ozaprah

    Putin puts Nuke Forces on alert

    Recent tweet from Marco Rubio: Maybe a recent spiritual indwelling by a demon called Gog?
  17. ozaprah

    Random Thoughts

    Hold that thought. 'State Daddy O' McGowen has announced that he is making an announcement tomorrow morning. Hopefully it is KFC hot n spicy interstate guest friendly.. Although it might just be an announcement about when he will actually make the announcement.. (for those 99.99% of the...
  18. ozaprah

    Random Thoughts

    Where do you live SS? I understand it varies on the owners of the particular franchises. Over here in the West we still have the old skool, available 360 days per year. I understand in some states its only a limited time type offering. You're welcome anytime for dinner but there would likely...
  19. ozaprah

    “The Chosen” Fiction

    Omnipotent and omniscient. Amen. As for the show,I guess we are just interpreting it differently. For example some take offence at the idea that in The Chosen it is depicted that the women around Jesus made decisions on the colour he would wear for the sermon on the mount and interpret...
  20. ozaprah

    “The Chosen” Fiction

    So as a child you don't think Jesus had to practice and learn things like walking, spelling, writing, learning to woodwork etc? Using the above logic, being divine you would think not, but commonsense says he would have had his humanity also to experience. Asking his disciples for 'ideas'...