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  1. Bethlehem57

    How middle schools use aggressive LGBTQ agenda surveys to indoctrinate teachers

    Get your kids out of public schools! Band together and form homeschool groups. I know it’s easier said than done, but your precious ones don’t need this!
  2. Bethlehem57

    Supreme Court sides with coach who sought to pray after game

    Now they are griping about the white guy getting a yea, while Kapernick gets fired for taking a knee. What an evil place this world has become!
  3. Bethlehem57

    Thousands of Democrats Chant ‘Hail Satan’ during Supreme Court Protest

    Satan’s kids are at it! Boy this put a hitch in their “get-a-long! There is no good in what they say and I have seen reports of grown men twering about their anger with the SCOTUS decision I have no idea how that relates to the decision, but they are way out of control and are blaming the...
  4. Bethlehem57

    How Beautiful Heaven Must Be

    I find myself praying more each day for His call! Life just seems so problematic. And I know He will provide enough grace to get us through each and every trial. I just feel so weighed down! Come quickly Lord Jesus!
  5. Bethlehem57

    Supreme Court Overturns Roe vs. Wade

    You will have my company, at least! I’m not going to stop proclaiming the Gospel or what the Bible says about abortion, etc. My family, well most of them, won’t follow or like me. So what! They will never stop calling me the “crazy lady” anyway. Jesus told us that the world would hate us...
  6. Bethlehem57

    Scariest note ever?

    I think we have been going down that road for at least 2 years now.
  7. Bethlehem57

    Supreme Court Overturns Roe vs. Wade

    Everyone should understand this. But the screaming meemies will use this to cause panic among those whose”rights to their bodies” have been taken away. And the left will milk this for all its worth to cause further chaos and outrage to those idjits who now believe that no one ever now get an...
  8. Bethlehem57

    Supreme Court Overturns Roe vs. Wade

    Wonder what Schumer (Pelosi, Bribem, Kammie and Pelosi, etc.) will do this time to endanger the lives of the justices this time?
  9. Bethlehem57

    The Coming Financial Collapse and the Great Reset

    Psalm 91 hit my Scripture reading yesterday. How timely! 1 Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. 2 I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” 3 Surely he will save you from the fowler’s snare and from the...
  10. Bethlehem57

    Kremlin: Death penalty for captured US citizens cannot be ruled out

    And guess who will do absolutely nothing to stop this? The same coward who left Americans and VALID green card holders in Afghanistan! Why hasn’t he and his administration been changed with treason?
  11. Bethlehem57

    Pence says he’s never seen a president lie as much as Biden

    Thanks for helping him get elected Mike.
  12. Bethlehem57

    PM: Biden’s visit ‘vital,’ goal is to finalize joint plan against nuclear Iran

    Biden + visit to any country = embarrassment for the USA. Biden won’t help Israel unless they agree to a two-state solution. Lord, how much longer?
  13. Bethlehem57

    Joe Biden Says He is Unpopular Because Americans are Mentally Unwell

    He sure is! Your approval ratings are still inflated IMHO, but with yo saying this it feels like the pot calling the kettle black! What we have known since your derrière hit the seat is that you are unfit to hold office! I suppose we are all nuts because we didn’t vote for you Joe…and the way...
  14. Bethlehem57

    Two Americans reported captured in Ukraine, US urges citizens not to travel

    The media…..I agree that they need to be released…anything for a headline. Likely they’ll be told to “abide in place” like those abandoned in Afghanistan. Good ol Briben and those propping him up.
  15. Bethlehem57

    US to provide additional $1.2B in aid to Ukraine

    Exactly! Where will they get their money when they finally eliminate the middle class by hiking prices, taxing us literally to the point of wiping out the middle class? …..or perhaps keeping us, barely in that bracket, so they can keep bleeding us dry
  16. Bethlehem57

    Biden: Zelensky ‘didn’t want to hear’ warnings about Russian invasion

    Any excuse to take credit where he can because he sure is doing a 100% lousy job as POTUS. Must take his minions hours to find just one little nugget to pounce all over. From a quote of Billy Graham’s. “The most important thing we have to settle in this life is our eternal salvation. Those who...
  17. Bethlehem57

    No Pet Adoption for 2nd Amendment Advocates

    They are of their father, Satan.